fit for

fit (one) for (something)

1. To measure one's body for an article of clothing (to ensure that it will fit well). Don't worry, the seamstress is coming today to fit you for your dress.
2. To ideally prepare or equip one to do something. His time as a medic really fit him for a career as a trauma surgeon after his tour of duty.
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fit someone for something

1. to measure someone for something. I have to fit him for his tuxedo. I'll take his measurements and get to work on it. She was fitted for her gown in only one afternoon.
2. to prepare someone for something; to make someone suitable for some purpose or activity. His education did not fit him for working with children. Her temperament does not fit her for this kind of work.
See also: fit
References in classic literature ?
Not only were the texture and pattern uncommonly beautiful, but the clothes which were made of the stuff possessed this wonderful property that they were invisible to anyone who was not fit for his office, or who was unpardonably stupid.
But he remembered when he thought about it that whoever was stupid or not fit for his office would not be able to see it.
The maitre d'hotel apologised to the little groups of people for the commotion-they were perhaps to blame for having employed a young man so delicate-he was scarcely fit for service.
I missed the fit for good and all, though I did not recover my full strength for some weeks after.
I have here an onion and a little cheese and a few scraps of bread," said Sancho, "but they are not victuals fit for a valiant knight like your worship.
He felt himself fit for the New World and for the work that he had to do, and set himself resolutely to accomplish it.
Examine thy customs of diet, sleep, exercise, apparel, and the like; and try, in any thing thou shalt judge hurtful, to discontinue it, by little and little; but so, as if thou dost find any inconvenience by the change, thou come back to it again: for it is hard to distinguish that which is generally held good and wholesome, from that which is good particularly, and fit for thine own body.
3 : made ready <The sailors were getting the ship fit for sea.
The Use of Person-Group Fit for Employment Selection: A Missing Link in Person-Environment Fit.
Confirmatory factor analysis resulted in reaffirmation of the four-factor structure as the best simple fit for the items, which were found in the original study with secondary students.
In each case, the functional form used to fit the data was either the best or second-best fit for all four tests (specimens) in a set, and usually the best fit for all four tests.