fit around

fit around (something)

To be the right size to envelope or surround something. Come on, that's not enough wrapping paper to fit around this box—look at how small that piece is!
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fit around something

to wrap around something. This part fits around the top and keeps the water out. Will this wrench fit around the bolt?
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The hotel chain, which operates 567 hotels across the UK, is aiming to fill 1,500 jobs with flexible hours that fit around the school run, as well as access to management training.
The 14-inch uppers have a new, angled top-line for a more comfortable fit around the calf, as well as extended rubber coverage in the ankle area for added protection.
Mark "The Beast" Labbett, 53, said: "We used to have a regular system now they fit around Doctor Who so we do slightly weirder hours.
It plans to open 100 more hotels over the next five years and is offering hours that fit around the school run, a work buddy to help new starters get up to speed and access to management training.
"The gusset allows me to adjust how they fit around my calves, which helps keep water, dirt, and hay from entering the boots from the top."
Walking is something you can fit around your daily life and it doesn't have to cost a penny.
Weighing just 1lb-14.5oz Alice was so tiny her mother's engagement ring could fit around her arm up to her shoulder.
Weighing just 1lb 14.5oz, Alice was so tiny her mother's engagement ring could fit around her arm up to her shoulder.
These new types of businesses offer flexible on demand services for users and allow people to be their own bosses, choosing when they work to fit around their family and lifestyle requirements.
GEORGE Clooney has changed his schedule to fit around his wife Amal's work.
"The label, which is shrunk around the package, is a great choice for contoured bottles as the label is able to fit around all of the curves without tearing.
A lot of people try to follow their favourite celebrity's diet in the hopes of achieving the same results, but let's not forget these diets have been built to fit around a celebrity's lifestyle and schedule, do you have the same lifestyle as your favourite celebrity?
Paula's own baby girl was born with hypoglycaemia, and when she quickly found that standard baby grows didn't fit around her daughter's bandages and tubes, she invented a special baby grow for babies and infants.