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According to Fishier, "Capmark Finance has provided numerous fixed-rate loans to Kimco and related entities; however, this transaction represents the first floating-rate structured loan provided to a Kimco and GE Commercial Finance venture."
To his surprise, it wasn't one of the earthier or fishier scents that was most effective in attracting the canids' attention.
What makes it even fishier is the fact that, shortly after the news of the move, a Crown Corporation, Canada Lands Company Ltd., indcated a possible deal to take over and develop -- or sell to a developer -- the 347-acre Rockcliffe site.
As one character colorfully notes, "This whole thing's fishier than a dolphin's dump."
But one cannot tell anyone where to put his or her feet to start on the path of an Irving Fishier, an Alfred Marshall, or a Hayek (though Marshall would recommend that one begin by reading a trade paper from any one industry).
Condemnation fades and leaves those who wanted his death looking fishier than ever.
But now, in the argument we are discussing, the move from 2** to P2** seems much fishier. If x and t are arbitrary, then it is at least possible that x is maundering at t, and therefore possible that he or she might be incapable of just the sort of competent intellection required for that move.
such as spatial frequency(SF), energy of image gradients (EOG), which were introduecd by Eskicioglu and Fishier as clarity measure of image.
As I say, there's no doubting the motives of our campaigners but the notion of jetting them round the world in this bizarre research trip has rather a fishier kind of 'sniggering TV exec' whiff to it.
Lightly brown, nicely crisp prawn crackers were fishier than an MP's expense account.
Fishier of the company's New York City office arranged the financing.
Missy, that was my Gran, yeah - only she never liked 2B called that - was just 2 blinkink nut-nut bonkers 2B allowed in the kitchen area cos she would of poisoned 1 of us, and Eustache, Mamon's boyfriend, well let's just say, that dat guy wos fishier than the Pacific bleedin' ocean.
Steamy summer temperatures may have driven Teesside seals to holiday in fishier spots.
Beefier, fishier and faster might be a fair description.