next, first, second, etc. time around/round

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(some) time (a)round

On the specified instance that something happens or occurs again. Thanks, Bill. Next time around, dinner is on me! He vowed to pass the driving test the second time round.
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(the) next, first, second, etc. time aˈround/ˈround

on the next, first, second, etc. occasion that the same thing happens: He repeated none of the errors he’d made first time round.This time around it was not so easy.
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The pair recall what it was like to play them first time round and give their verdict on the new technology.
King Elvis - Three from three in April as he conquered the Category Two RPGTV Golden Crest at Poole, winning first time round in the heats and ultimately riding a bad bump to land the final for Liz McNair.
I got together with an old boyfriend I hadn't seen in 15 years hoping it would be the same but we ended up fighting over the same stuff that ended our relationship the first time round.
FAN Adele loved Spice Girls first time round in the 90s
"If you don't do the job the first time round and have to go out a second time that eventually costs more money.
, his t choreo what and t on ag perio obvio muc I'm timbesi eve But, this time round, it's almost like choreography wise we are doing we had the first time round then add the same amount again, but all in the same period of time.
We learned a lot from the pop up the first time round and the course this time is even more fun, more userfriendly and more realistic to playing on real golf greens.
Levy, 26, became the youngest Frenchman in history to claim three European Tour titles by sinking a 30-foot putt on the 18th at the second time of asking after both players had made par first time round.
"The house robots grip harder than they used to, they smash further, they move quicker, they are terrifyingly bigger and heavier than the first time round. But then, aren't we all?"
It would be fair to say that he didn't make too much of an impact on the show first time round but Daniel Thomas has hinted that his return to Geordie Shore caused "a few rumbles."
I tend to cut a little bit higher than usual first time round, and choose a dry day.
I saw this play first time round. It was great then but this time Nicky Allt has excelled and every actor in the place excellent.
The win first time round, surprised his more experienced competitors, but this time double emphasised the fact that his natural talent is indisputable.
First time round at the cinema when I saw The Wicker Man as the B-feature in a double bill alongside Don't Look Now, my reaction was stunned bewilderment.