first dibs on something

(first) dibs (on something)

slang The rights to something, or the rights to have first choice of something. "Dibs" are usually claimed verbally. The word is a shortening of "dibstones," counters used in an 18th-century children's game. I call dibs on the front seat! Hey, I had dibs on being first in line! A: "Can I have this pudding cup?" B: "No, Sarah's got first dibs."
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first dibs on something


dibs on something

If you have first dibs on something or dibs on something, you have claimed the right to have it or use it before anyone else. The main reason my best friend Sue and I wanted to join was so that we could have first dibs on an endless supply of mouthwatering cakes. Ralph's brother now has dibs on the job of horse trainer. Note: This expression comes from an old children's game in which the pieces were called dib stones.
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