first crack at

the first crack at (something)

The first chance to do something. I let them have the first crack at producing my film, but they weren't interested, so I took my script to another studio.
See also: crack, first

*first crack at something

Fig. the first opportunity at doing, fixing, or having something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~; take ~; want ~.) I'll take the first crack at it, and if I can't do it, you can try.
See also: crack, first
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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Brewers are giving Wisconsin residents first crack at tickets for home games against the Chicago Cubs.
In other games, Jose Rizal U gets the first crack at Lyceum's improved roster at 2 p.
He has his first crack at the world heavweight title next Saturday when he takes on US ace Charles Martin for the IBF belt in Liverpool.
Today's 194km stage from Ambert to Le Teil is likely to give the sprinters a chance to shine and young Frenchman Arnaud Demare is odds-on to reach the line first as he tunes up for his first crack at the Tour de France.
South Dakotans will get first crack at the vacant jobs, but after 30 days, Manpower will step in to help fill them.
NAPOLI kept up their push for a first crack at Champions League football after a 3-0 over Lecce moved the revitalised club up to third in the table.
Norio Kimura's first crack at the WBA super lightweight crown ended in defeat Saturday after the Japanese fighter lost a unanimous decision to defending champion Andreas Kotelnik of Ukraine.
HE certainly deserves this first crack at Group company, and it would be surprising if he does not make his presence felt.
The Toffees' first crack at European football ended when they lost out in a second round mini-tournament in Belgium.
Bridgend III decided to have first crack at home to Mountain Ash but were dismissed for 123.
Pleasure anglers get first crack at the 5000 carp - day tickets for both waters cost pounds 5 - with the first match will not set to be held until April 8.
A contract assistant city attorney for the city of Milwaukee, she cites a lack of mental organization or "stream of consciousness thinking" as a major cause of her unsuccessful first crack at the Wisconsin Bar Exam in July 2003.
YOUNG Sam Scott took his first crack at fishing for crafty grey mullet and left his dad speechless when a 5lb 4oz beauty flipped into the lad's landing net after a 10-minute fight.
A number of other creditors claim they have first crack at the tile company's assets.