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Fruit from both experiments were analyzed for fresh mass (FM), flesh firmness, flesh firmness loss (difference between firmness at harvest and after storage), soluble solids content, starch index (SI, 1=full, 9=clear), DMC and watercore incidence.
Quality analysis: Physical properties like firmness and juice weight were determined by adopting the standard methods.
Cucumber mesocarp color was measured using a Minolta Chroma Meter model CR-300 (Minolta Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan) to record the [L.sup.*], [a.sup.*], and [b.sup.*] values of a different lobe of each of the 30 slices used for firmness measurements.
Harnessing the powers of miracle algae Padina Pavonica, gingko biloba, rose and mimosa, it improves suppleness, firmness and elasticity in all ages of skin.
The delegation handed them a message of Syed Ali Gilani that Pakistan should continue to maintain consistency and firmness in its Kashmir policy and play an active role in highlighting the human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir at international forums, Akbar said.
The paper have appraisal and converse regarding picture firmness, necessitate of firmness, its main beliefs, and module of solidity and a variety of algorithm of illustration compression.
At harvest, consumer preference based on firmness showed that 'Jonagold'/EMLA111, 'Improved Golden'/EMLA7, 'Improved Golden'/EMLA 111, 'Scarlet Gala'/EMLA7, 'Royal Gala'/MM111 and 'William's Pride'/M7A did not differ and were preferred compared to 'Jonafree'/Mark and 'Macspur'/M7A.
At the end of "As Pastor and Brother," Charles Enman gave an assessment of "The Father Who Changed History" which emphasized his luminosity, compassion and moral firmness. He ends by saying, "His human stature seemed beyond cavil anywhere in the temporal world he served with such zealous spiritual devotion."
Four years in development by Monroe, Wis.-based Roth Kase, the handcrafted product possesses the firmness of a slightly aged semi-soft cheese, allowing it to be sliced and shredded easily; a melt-in-the-mouth quality; and a mellow yet tangy taste.
With a futuristic technology called imaging spectroscopy, or multispectral imaging, that uses laser beams to detect the sweetness and firmness of fruit.
Nickel and stainless scrap in the United States and China should be very tight, with Europe showing some firmness in markets overall.
A new brochure from National Starch provides information on how the company's specialty starches enhance the consumer appeal of processed meat products by improving moisture retention, firmness, sliceability and mouthfeel.