fire back

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fire back

To quickly discharge or release something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fire" and "back." "Yeah, but why is that my fault?" Sheila fired back defensively. After Sheila fired a defensive retort back, I decided to drop the subject.
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fire (something) back (at someone or something)

to shoot back at someone or something. We fired about ten rounds back at them. The soldiers in the fort did not fire back at the attackers.
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fire something back (to someone or something)

Fig. to send something back to someone or a group immediately. Look this over and fire it back to me immediately. Fire back all this stuff to the printer as soon as you have proofed it.
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Firing back at the PTI leader, Khaqan Abbasi said the PML-N leadership wanted to raise the issue of his threats on the floor of the National Assembly but was not allowed to do so by the speaker.
Firing back at Haque, Khaqan Abbasi said the PML-N leadership wanted to raise the issue of his threats on the floor but was not allowed to do so by the speaker.
In a fit of rage, one of the relatives opened fire, resulting in the other side also firing back.
In Manila, two men were killed by the police on Friday night for allegedly resisting arrest and firing back at the lawmen.
FIRING BACK: TAKING ON THE PARTY BOSSES AND MEDIA ELITE TO PROTECT OUR FAITH AND FREEDOM comes from a respected member of the House of Representatives whose reputation has been tarnished as of late, and whose political career become mired in accusations and ridicule.
Murray, who defeated Spain's Tommy Robredo on Sunday to win the Shenzhen Open - his first tournament victory since Wimbledon last year - looked out of sorts before firing back to give Janowicz a real contest.
Now, in rallies across the state, Obama is firing back, claiming Romney's ads are completely untrue.
Asked if Rules of Engagement include firing back on Naxals if they attack, General Singh said that "one can fire back in self defence," adding that a clarification was needed on how the army should engage the attackers.
Firing Back lays out a five-step recovery process: "Fight, not flight" (face the difficult situation), "Recruit others into battle" (enlist the right assistance), "Rebuild heroic stature" (spread the true nature of the adversity), "Prove your mettle" (regain trust and credibility), and "Rediscover the heroic mission" (clear the past and chart the future).
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg challenged an assertion by Mathew Stayer of the conservative Liberty Counsel that the Ten Commandments aren't really that religious, firing back, "Have you read the first four commandments and could you say that?"
Many soldiers were on the streets during their lunch break, and quickly began firing back at the attackers, who were shot dead within minutes.
The drill then continues in the same fashion, with #3 rebounding #5's shot and firing back to #5 as he moves up the left sideline, and the drill then repeats itself to the other half of the court.
New York, January 13 (ANI): Tina Fey's "suck it" comment about a trio of Internet haters in her Golden Globes acceptance speech Sunday night boomeranged, with the bloggers firing back with more negative comments.