firing/working on all cylinders

firing on all cylinders

 and hitting on all cylinders 
1. Lit.
[of an internal combustion engine] having all its cylinders working and thus providing the maximum amount of power. The old car is firing on all cylinders despite its age. This thing's not hitting on all cylinders.
2. Fig. working at full strength; making every possible effort. The team is firing on all cylinders under the new coach. The factory is hitting on all cylinders to finish the orders on time.
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firing on all (four) cylinders

working or functioning at a peak level.
This expression is a metaphor from an internal-combustion engine: a cylinder is said to be firing when the fuel inside it is ignited.
1998 Entertainment Weekly Even when his imagination isn't firing on all cylinders, Amis is still worth picking up, if only to enjoy the jazzy rhythm of his prose.
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firing/working on all ˈcylinders

(informal) using all your energy to do something; working as well as possible: The 24-year-old player feels that he is not yet firing on all cylinders.
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