fired up

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(all) fired up

Feeling very excited or passionate about something. The crowd is getting really fired up right now, so let's send out the starters for the game. Don't go and talk to the boss while you're all fired up like this—wait until you're calmer so you don't say something you'll regret.
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fire up

1. To cause someone to feel more passionate or excited about someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fire" and "up." I know our players are nervous about the big game, but it's our job as coaches to fire them up.
2. To turn on a machine. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fire" and "up." Well, fire up the coffee pot and tell me all about your date last night!
3. To light something, typically something to be smoked (such as a cigarette or pipe). In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fire" and "up." Come on, fire up those cigars, boys—we're celebrating!
4. slang To smoke marijuana. He must fire up all day long because he's always stoned when I see him.
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fired up

Fig. excited; enthusiastic. How can you be so fired up at this time of the morning? It's impossible to get Martin fired up at all.
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fired up

mod. excited; enthusiastic. How can you be so fired up at this time of the morning?
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| POSITIVE IMPACT: Sean Jarvis (left) of Huddersfield Town is shown with Dr Bob Davis (second right) of Huddersfield University and Isabell Holling of Fired Up. Students and coaches going to China are (from the second left) Luis Alcantarilla, Robyn Weightman, Rob Day, Jaclynne Smith, Dave Nichols and Cathryn Rogers (AC050713Btrip-02)
Mr Kaye said the acquisition of Aurora Marble would strengthen its product range in the fireplace industry and increase Fired Up's customer base.
Fired Up has kept on five of Aurora's previous employees and hopes to recruit more staff - to continue serving Aurora's existing customers and extend its products to Fired Up clientele.
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Fired Up commissioned its current factory in June 2008 to include wood machine shop and processing, metal stamping, powder coating and finishing, final assembly and testing as well as warehousing for raw materials and finished stock.
"One of my first jobs will be to visit Corby's distributors overseas to promote the Fired Up product range." Mr Kaye said the enlarged company was targeting export markets, but said it also hoped to exploit opportunities closer to home.
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The Fired Up reply was steady, with skipper Paul Carson (31) pushing the score along nicely.
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