fire into

fire (something) into (someone or something)

To discharge or release something into someone or something. I used a syringe to fire the salt water into my mouth and cleanse the spaces left behind by my wisdom teeth surgery. Wow, I can't believe I fired an arrow right into the bull's-eye—what luck!
See also: fire

fire something into someone or something

to shoot something, as a weapon, into someone or something. She fired the gun into a special box that stopped the bullet. She would then examine it under a special microscope. Max fired two shots into Lefty, but even that did not stop him.
See also: fire
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In addition to the damage to adjacent buildings and structures, damage to utility systems such as gas or oil piping and power lines can quickly turn a fire into a true disaster.
It seems a bit odd that today we marvel over our newfound ability to reintroduce fire into our forests - something many generations of our predecessors knew all about.
At Storm King, the 80km per hour (50mph) winds blew the tame fire into an inferno.
The time is now at hand to expand this proven federal/state partnership beyond fire exclusion to the broader objective of introducing fire into the landscape as a routine management tool.
Says Dick Edwards, who manages the effort, "Our whole program is to get back to where we can reintroduce fire into the ecosystem.