fire in (one's)/the belly

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fire in (one's)/the belly

Passion and determination. I'm confident that Bill will get them to listen to our pitch—he has such a fire in the belly for this sort of work.
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fire in your belly


fire in the belly

If you have fire in your belly or fire in the belly, you are ready to do something in a very energetic and passionate way. Ian has played with fire in his belly throughout his career. He accused the candidate of lacking fire in the belly. Note: You can also say that someone has a fire in their belly or a fire in the belly. He also has a fire in his belly. `I'm passionate about what I do,' he says.
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fire in the (or your) belly

a powerful sense of ambition or determination.
1991 Vanity Fair Bennett is quick to deny feeling the fire in the belly generally considered a prerequisite for tenancy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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GARY CAHILL still has the 'fire in his belly' to compete at the highest level.
"He is at his best when he has got fire in his belly. I think a little bit this season he has been too inconsistent with that.
"He said he's 'got fire in his belly' and is even more determined to bounce back and perform the best shows of his career."