fire in (one's)/the belly

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fire in (one's)/the belly

Passion and determination. I'm confident that Bill will get them to listen to our pitch—he has such a fire in the belly for this sort of work.
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fire in your belly


fire in the belly

If you have fire in your belly or fire in the belly, you are ready to do something in a very energetic and passionate way. Ian has played with fire in his belly throughout his career. He accused the candidate of lacking fire in the belly. Note: You can also say that someone has a fire in their belly or a fire in the belly. He also has a fire in his belly. `I'm passionate about what I do,' he says.
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fire in the (or your) belly

a powerful sense of ambition or determination.
1991 Vanity Fair Bennett is quick to deny feeling the fire in the belly generally considered a prerequisite for tenancy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
See also: belly, fire
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So far, it's been mum's the word on whether she will run for president, but Sarah Palin knows one thing for certain: there's fire in her belly.