fire back

fire back

To quickly discharge or release something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fire" and "back." "Yeah, but why is that my fault?" Sheila fired back defensively. After Sheila fired a defensive retort back, I decided to drop the subject.
See also: back, fire

fire (something) back (at someone or something)

to shoot back at someone or something. We fired about ten rounds back at them. The soldiers in the fort did not fire back at the attackers.
See also: back, fire

fire something back (to someone or something)

Fig. to send something back to someone or a group immediately. Look this over and fire it back to me immediately. Fire back all this stuff to the printer as soon as you have proofed it.
See also: back, fire
References in classic literature ?
He was Tom's patient target when Tom wanted to do some snowballing, but the target couldn't fire back.
Now, in duels, where both parties shoot, it is generally the rule that a snap is a fire; and if such is the rule where the party has a right to fire back again, it seems to me unreasonable to say that a man may stand snapping at a defenceless turkey all day.
Despite under heavy fire, the government forces were able to fire back at the attackers, forcing the rebels to retreat.
The general said that while Canadian soldiers are not participating in active combat, they have the right to fire back if fired upon.
And just be prepared for her to fire back a few comments about what SHE doesn't find too attractive about YOU
A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense stated that "the maneuver, conducted by the 9th IA Division in Basmaya District-southern Baghdad, supported by artillery battery, Iraqi surveillance planes which supplied the command chamber of the maneuver with photos of the maneuver field and other intelligence as well as the fire back up provided by the helicopters.
Second, the letters section is the one place where readers have the opportunity to fire back on issues important to them.
1 (ANI): The Indian Air Force, has for the first time, sought permission from the Ministry of Defence to fire back at Naxals while undertaking rescue and relief operations in Naxal-infested areas.
Two police vehicles tried to stop the truck, but it rammed one of the vehicles and police opened fire, prompting Bedouin in the truck to fire back, a security source told Reuters.
Not only did she look smouldering as she lived up to her party-girl image in the Big Apple, she's also on fire back home.
I realised I would miss it if I gave up and the Ilkeston move has put the fire back in my belly.
A West Yorkshire fire spokesman said: "The sprinkler system had activated and knocked the fire back, but didn't put it out.
One of the dying men managed to fire back and kill one of his attackers.
Israel's prime minister, Ehud Olmert, gave the order to halt firing as of this morning, but a spokesman warned: "If someone fires at us, we will fire back.