fire back

fire back

To quickly discharge or release something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fire" and "back." "Yeah, but why is that my fault?" Sheila fired back defensively. After Sheila fired a defensive retort back, I decided to drop the subject.
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fire (something) back (at someone or something)

to shoot back at someone or something. We fired about ten rounds back at them. The soldiers in the fort did not fire back at the attackers.
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fire something back (to someone or something)

Fig. to send something back to someone or a group immediately. Look this over and fire it back to me immediately. Fire back all this stuff to the printer as soon as you have proofed it.
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References in classic literature ?
He was Tom's patient target when Tom wanted to do some snowballing, but the target couldn't fire back. Chambers carried Tom's skates to the river and strapped them on him, the trotted around after him on the ice, so as to be on hand when he wanted; but he wasn't ever asked to try the skates himself.
Now, in duels, where both parties shoot, it is generally the rule that a snap is a fire; and if such is the rule where the party has a right to fire back again, it seems to me unreasonable to say that a man may stand snapping at a defenceless turkey all day.
Sensing their presence, the drug pushers opened fire on them, forcing the elite force members to fire back in self-defence that triggered a gunfight, he said.
This reportedly forced the soldiers to fire back, killing all the victims on-the-spot, said a military report corroborated by Pikit police chief Capt.
The policemen were left with no choice but to fire back at Duallo.
"The robbers started firing at the officers who had responded to the distress call, prompting them to fire back," DCI said.
But if they fire the first one, don't count the number of bullets you fire back," Rajnath said.
"Two of our friends - Khizr and Abdul Rehman - were injured in firing by the dacoits and we had to fire back in retaliation," he said, adding that at that time, they had informed the police.
A high-level security source in the Ministry said in remarks to the Middle East News Agency (MENA) that gunmen suddenly opened fire at the policemen at the security post, a matter that prompted the authorities to fire back. The exchange of fire resulted in the killing of police sergeant and injury of a police captain, besides a police personnel, he added.
"What I think Jeremy has done, he has brought a little soul fire back to the party.
And just be prepared for her to fire back a few comments about what SHE doesn't find too attractive about YOU!
A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense stated that "the maneuver, conducted by the 9th IA Division in Basmaya District-southern Baghdad, supported by artillery battery, Iraqi surveillance planes which supplied the command chamber of the maneuver with photos of the maneuver field and other intelligence as well as the fire back up provided by the helicopters."
Israeli media sources reported that Samoudi opened fire on the soldiers manning the checkpoint; troops opened fire back and killed him.
Asked if Rules of Engagement include firing back on Naxals if they attack, General Singh said that "one can fire back in self defence," adding that a clarification was needed on how the army should engage the attackers.
Second, the letters section is the one place where readers have the opportunity to fire back on issues important to them.