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(one's) finest hour

The moment or time of one's greatest success or achievement. The team's come-from-behind victory in the semi-finals proved to be their finest hour.
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fin de siècle

Occurring at the end of a century, especially the 19th century (when traditional values were in a state of upheaval). This French phrase means "end of century." A work like The Importance of Being Earnest can help us to better understand fin de siècle sensibilities.
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your finest hour

the time of your greatest success.
1940 W. S. Churchill Speech to House of Commons Let us therefore brace ourselves to that duty, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Commonwealth and its Empire lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour’.
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—'s finest

the police of a specified city. North American informal
2000 Nelson DeMille The Lion's Game As I indicated, I was a homicide detective, one of New York's Finest.
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and finn (fɪn)
n. a five-dollar bill. (Germanic via Yiddish. As in German funf = five.) I gave the old guy a finn, and he nearly passed out.

New York’s finest

n. a New York City police officer. Three of New York’s finest were standing there at my door with my lost dog.
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If Abbott signs the bill into law, Texas would be the first red state to ban the shark fin trade.
This type of DNA forensic testing of fins will be an incredibly useful tool to prioritise areas for conservation and ensure sharks aren't wiped out by excessive fishing," Dr Shivji said.
Fin efficiency for a dry fin is developed from the solution to a one-dimensional heat conduction problem along the fin height direction.
The first series of solidification analysis of the test casting was conducted without fins or chills to establish baseline data for further comparisons.
Adul claims WildAid provided misleading information to the public, saying other tests on shark fin found no mercury.
Another attribute noted by Fin Force is the "glossy aesthetics" of the TPU, which Stevens Urethane manufactures at the required thickness of 32 to 35 mils.
Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are major trading centers and markets for shark fins, according to concerned groups.
Shark fin is in demand in China since the shark fin soup is considered a delicacy.
Scales cycloid; head scaled except interorbital space, snout and chin; opercle covered by seven large scales; cheek with two horizontal rows of scales below eye; naked lower flange of preopercle thin, greatest width at angle about 2 in orbit diameter in holotype; base of dorsal and anal fins with single row of large elongated scales, one per membrane; last pored scale on lateral line at base of caudal fin enlarged and pointed; terminal scale on midline just posterior to last pored scale very enlarged and pointed; no scales on paired fins; pelvic fins with median ventral process of two elongate scales about three-fourths the length of pelvic spine, thin axillary scale of each pelvic fin about three-fourths the length of pelvic spine.
Not a single shark carcass appeared, yet hundreds of fins were drying on the Taiwanese ship's railing.
Soldiers are stepping on the radiator Fins in their HMMWVs and bending them.
The shark fins, which are cartilage, are said to add texture rather than flavor to the soup, although some aficionados believe they also boost energy and sex drive.
Shark fins are the most prized part of the fish and the traditional Chinese delicacy is believed to bring good luck.
Non-rechargeable FINs are equivalent to approximately two packs of traditional cigarettes.