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(one's) finest hour

The moment or time of one's greatest success or achievement. The team's come-from-behind victory in the semi-finals proved to be their finest hour.
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fin de siècle

Occurring at the end of a century, especially the 19th century (when traditional values were in a state of upheaval). This French phrase means "end of century." A work like The Importance of Being Earnest can help us to better understand fin de siècle sensibilities.
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(someplace's) finest

The police force of a particular city. New York's finest were able to apprehend the thief.
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(one's) Sunday finest

One's very best clothes, as one would wear to a Sunday church service. Instead of some big party, let's all get dressed up in our Sunday finest and go for lunch at a fancy restaurant for my birthday! This is going to be a formal event, so please come dressed in your Sunday finest.
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your finest hour

the time of your greatest success.
1940 W. S. Churchill Speech to House of Commons Let us therefore brace ourselves to that duty, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Commonwealth and its Empire lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour’.
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—'s finest

the police of a specified city. North American informal
2000 Nelson DeMille The Lion's Game As I indicated, I was a homicide detective, one of New York's Finest.
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and finn (fɪn)
n. a five-dollar bill. (Germanic via Yiddish. As in German funf = five.) I gave the old guy a finn, and he nearly passed out.

New York’s finest

n. a New York City police officer. Three of New York’s finest were standing there at my door with my lost dog.
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state (after Hawaii, Oregon and Washington) to ban shark finning and the importation of shark fins.
Part of Finning International--one of the world's biggest distributors of Caterpillar equipment and power systems--Finning Group UK is based at Cannock in Staffordshire and employs about 4,000 around the country.
One legislator who signed the letter, Federico Malavassi of the Partido Movimiento Liberacion (PLM), told The Tico Times, "It has never been proven that shark finning takes place in Costa Rica, and many fishermen have been bothered because of it.
Tim Holmes (right) with Alex Hilman, General Manager (Marketing) at Finning (UK) in Cannock
Another cause of random cracking and finning is form removal.
Eddie Lucio III, D-Harlingen, aims to cut down on finning by making it illegal to buy or sell shark fins in Texas.
According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, a third of shark species globally are threatened by extinction, largely because of finning.
They reached a political agreement by qualified majority (Spain and Portugal voted against the measure) on the draft regulation that establishes a total ban on the practice of shark finning.
ban on shark finning (see "The War on Sharks," Currents, November/December 2007).
McCann-Erickson Public Relations has been appointed to handle public relations for Finning UK, the sole distributor of Caterpillar equipment in the UK.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Selkirk Financial Technologies, a leading developer of financial management solutions, today announced that Finning International has joined the Treasura(TM) pilot program, the third major corporation to do so this month.
The bill aims to curb the brutal fishing practice of shark finning - catching a shark at sea, cutting off its fin and tossing the live shark back into the water to die - by cutting off the market.
New Zealand has announced on Aug 20 that it will ban shark finning to reinforce the country's reputation for sustainability and environmental protection.
Fears of accidentally encouraging an increase in shark finning have led MEPs to assert that the existing EU restrictions should not be tampered with, in a vote held on 28 September.
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