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rat fink

1. One who is regarded as a traitor for reporting criminal activity to the police. Primarily heard in US. The gang was determined to find the rat fink who told the police about their illegal activities.
2. An unpleasant person. Mike is such a rat fink that I can't even stand being in the same room as him.
See also: fink, rat

fink on someone

Sl. to inform parents, the authorities, etc. on someone. You're not going to fink on me, are you? Chuck finked on all of us.
See also: fink, on

fink out (on someone or something)

Sl. to decide not to cooperate with someone or something (after all). Come on, don't fink out on us now. Bob finked out on the plan.
See also: fink, out


1. n. an informer; a stool (pigeon). (see also rat fink.) Taylor has turned into a fink. She can’t be trusted.
2. Go to fink (on someone).
3. n. any strange or undesirable person. You are being such a fink. Stop it!

fink (on someone)

in. to inform on someone. Rocko never finks on his friends.
See also: fink, on, someone



fink out (on someone/something)

in. to decide not to cooperate with someone or something (after all). Come on, don’t fink out on us now.
See also: fink, on, out, someone, something

fink out

See also: fink, out

rat fink

n. an informer. (see also rat.) That guy is nothing but a rat fink. A dirty squealer!
See also: fink, rat
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Fink still stays in contact with nearly all of her foster children.
It's so funny how all these years, they still remember me and I get cards and updated school pictures,'' said Fink, who also maintains relationships with her adopted children's biological relatives.
They just know that they have that other family, the families that helped bring them into my arms,'' said Fink.
Fink gave the children names beginning with ``M'' to coincide with her husband's name, Michael, a construction worker.
I said, well, if you find an 'M' name you like and you learn how to spell it, we'll talk about it,'' Fink said.
With seven children involved in school, sports and therapy sessions, Fink no longer has time to devote to foster children but she encourages others to do so.
Now Fink, deeply hurt and outraged, feels compelled to fight for both his honor and his old position.
Fink eventually will end up dividing the world into friends and enemies, only to discover soon that even his friends have long since tired of his crusade for justice and that the world considers him for what he rightfully is: a nuisance and a trouble-maker for all except himself.
Domonic Finks, a former paramedic, said he had seen people in dialysis and wanted to do what he could to spare his brother from it.
Before his surgery, Domonic Finks said he was a little concerned about the operation but felt compelled to go through with it out of love for his brother.
I'm getting a gift that very few people get,'' Deren Finks said.
Deren Finks, the dean of admissions and financial aid for Harvey Mudd College, was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1996 and was told eight months ago that his condition was worsening and that he would need a transplant.
You can live with it for a while,'' said Deren Finks, 37, of Azusa.
While Finks was happy to have his brother's help, he said his sibling's decision was not a surprise.
Deren Finks said he would have done the same for his brothers or sister.