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fink on (someone)

To report someone's misdeeds to an authority figure. The gang was determined to find the traitor who finked on them to the police. How could you fink on me to my parents? Now I'm grounded for a whole month!
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fink out

slang To abandon someone or something. Primarily heard in US. I can't believe you finked out at the last minute!
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fink out on (someone or something)

slang To abandon someone or something. I can't believe you finked out on us at the last minute! They really need your help—don't fink out on them.
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rat fink

1. One who is regarded as a traitor for reporting criminal activity to the police. Primarily heard in US. The gang was determined to find the rat fink who told the police about their illegal activities.
2. An unpleasant person. Mike is such a rat fink that I can't even stand being in the same room as him.
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fink on someone

Sl. to inform parents, the authorities, etc. on someone. You're not going to fink on me, are you? Chuck finked on all of us.
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fink out (on someone or something)

Sl. to decide not to cooperate with someone or something (after all). Come on, don't fink out on us now. Bob finked out on the plan.
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1. n. an informer; a stool (pigeon). (see also rat fink.) Taylor has turned into a fink. She can’t be trusted.
2. Go to fink (on someone).
3. n. any strange or undesirable person. You are being such a fink. Stop it!

fink (on someone)

in. to inform on someone. Rocko never finks on his friends.
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fink out (on someone/something)

in. to decide not to cooperate with someone or something (after all). Come on, don’t fink out on us now.
See also: fink, on, out, someone, something

fink out

See also: fink, out

rat fink

n. an informer. (see also rat.) That guy is nothing but a rat fink. A dirty squealer!
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They can be joined through the magic of finked data.
In their concluding chapter, van Hooland and Verborgh emphasize that commercial forces are at play in the development of finked data.
For those with time to use them, the extensive case studies provide opportunities to practice with finked data in safe environments.
Fink also discusses the head-shaking impulse of some organizations to ignore a problem that has been known about for years--like the sexual abuse scandal that devastated Penn State University.
Social media, Fink says, "is more akin to the Wild West, where lawlessness (read: blogging agenda-laden rumors instead of facts) reigns supreme." He provides practical recommendations on how to develop and deliver effective messages to the cybersphere.
There are so many people who call themselves crisis experts, but clearly Steven Fink is the real deal.
Finks Krieg is unique among Walser's novels insofar as women and the complications of the sexes play hardly any role here.
Now Fink, deeply hurt and outraged, feels compelled to fight for both his honor and his old position.
Fink said it is less expensive for her store to take care of a dog if it's returned.
Fink points to a line in the company's standard contract that says Laughlin Kennel doesn't pay vet bills.