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finish off

1. To finish the last part of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "finish" and "off." Here, take the last piece and finish off the pie. Printing is the last step in finishing off this project, thank goodness.
2. To end something in a particular way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "finish" and "off." They finished off the reception with one last slow dance.
3. To kill someone or something that is wounded and near death. A noun or pronoun can be used between "finish" and "off." You need to finish off the deer you've shot—don't let it suffer.
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finish (someone or an animal) off

to kill someone or an animal that is already injured or wounded. They had to finish the wounded bear off with a revolver. The hunter finished off the bear.
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finish someone or something off

Fig. to complete some activity being performed on someone or something. Let's finish this one off and go home. Yes, let's finish off this one. Nancy is cutting Elaine's hair. When she finishes her off, she will be ready to leave.
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finish something off

Fig. to eat or drink up all of something; to eat or drink up the last portion of something. Let's finish the turkey off. You finish off the turkey. I've had enough.
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finish (something) off (with something)

to bring something to a conclusion with something. She finished the dinner off with fancy cheeses and fruit. She finished off the dinner with pie.
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I'm not finished with you.

I still have more to say to you. Bill started to turn away when he thought the scolding was finished. "I'm not finished with you," bellowed his father. When the angry teacher paused briefly to catch his breath, Bob turned as if to go. "I'm not finished with you," screamed the teacher, "Don't leave here until I say you can!"
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the finished article

something that is complete and ready for use.
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finish off

1. To complete the last part of a task or process: The staff finished off the final items on the agenda and ended the meeting. The crew finished the cleaning tasks off before leaving for the day.
2. To consume the last part of something, such as food or a resource: I finished off that last piece of bread. We finished the cake off.
3. To finish something in a particular way: We finished off the hot day with one final swim. The teacher finished the semester off with a big party.
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Mickey finished

mod. alcohol intoxicated; totally drunk. (A play on Mickey (Finn).) I guess the old guy is about Mickey finished. He’s plootered!
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References in classic literature ?
When this wall was finished, and the outside double fenced, with a turf wall raised up close to it, I perceived myself that if any people were to come on shore there, they would not perceive anything like a habitation; and it was very well I did so, as may be observed hereafter, upon a very remarkable occasion.
I finished the ladder; so I went up the ladder to the top, and then pulled it up after me, and let it down in the inside.
The very next day after this wall was finished I had almost had all my labour overthrown at once, and myself killed.
in a circle, as before, and set my tent up in it when it was finished; but that I would venture to stay where I was till it was finished, and fit to remove.
Lee finished second among area athletes at the Northern Individual Regional, carding a 78 and followed it with a 77 at the CIF-WSCGA Southern Regional.
It is difficult to know when the piece is finished, because I usually only have four weeks.
But supposing you finished the race-over-time-and didn't get the medal.
Production methods essential to producing high quality paper and board with modern levels of cost and efficiency are often completely opposite to those required to deliver the finished or converted product to the customer in the way he or she demands.
A typical-sized job can be completed fast -- a 15 x 15-foot room is usually finished in two hours.
industry comprises (1) establishments primarily engaged in finishing broadwoven fabrics and (2) establishments of converters who buy broadwoven fabrics in the grey, have them finished on contract, and sell at wholesale.
Royal (82, 78:12) ran the fifth-fastest time in course history, but it finished two seconds off its state-title mark from last season.
Finished castings are sent to machining in an even and timely manner.
In its first year of competition in the extremely competitive Grand American Rolex Series, Finlay Motorsports won from the pole in the season finale at Mexico City, scored its first podium finish at Barber Motorsports Park, and finished the season sixth in the championship with a record of two podiums, six top-5 and ten top-10 finishes.
Of the record 431 starters, a little more than half -- 234 -- officially finished.
Depending on customer requirements, the cleaning and finishing of castings may require a variety of operations to provide a finished product.