finish with

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finish with (something)

To complete something; to no longer be engaged or occupied with something. Hey, if you're finished with that magazine, can I read it? It took three years, but I'm finally finished with my thesis, thank goodness.
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finish with something

to complete something; to become done with something. I will finish with fixing this soon, and then you can have it. When will this be finished with?
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This time, he led from start to finish with a personal best of 1:50.
This coating, which cures with a low-temperature bake or air drying, is said to provide a finish with excellent hardness, good chemical and solvent resistance, and excellent resistance to color change under uv light exposure.
The Antelopes placed four runners in the top 10 to finish with 43 points, three points better than Lancaster.
In the Southern Section finals, Llamas led a 1-3-5 finish with senior Jameson Mora and junior Ryan Morgan as Canyon clocked a course-record 76 minutes, 59 seconds at Mt.
Danielle Day of Quartz Hill finished third in the girls' team sweepstakes race in 18:34 to help the Rebels to a third-place team finish with 195 points behind No.