finish with

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finish with (something)

To complete something; to no longer be engaged or occupied with something. Hey, if you're finished with that magazine, can I read it? It took three years, but I'm finally finished with my thesis, thank goodness.
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finish with something

to complete something; to become done with something. I will finish with fixing this soon, and then you can have it. When will this be finished with?
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2: Try to finish with your knees together (right knee gently touching left) If the stance is too wide in the beginning it is almost impossible to push your knees together, resulting in restricted leg drive through impact.
The firm also achieved surprising levels of surface finish with the high-pressure squeeze of the automatic matchplate molding machine without wash and hopes to investigate possibilities regarding its use in the future.
The Microsoft update of Wireless Optical Desktop Pro features the new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer, complete with longer battery life and a new scroll wheel, delivering an ergonomic design and sleek black-and-titanium finish with translucent keys.
Unbalanced water, mineral-infested source water and incorrect start-ups can mar a plaster finish with everything from staining to etching.
Using an advanced wood floor finishing technology, this new system chemically "sands" the floor and creates a receptive surface that bonds the underlying finish with the new, crystal clear, fast-drying topcoat.
For instance, a 28-mm Alcoa finish can be changed to a 28-mm PCO finish with a slight adjustment in the transition region of the preform.
The new Executive Collection of office furniture by Sauder Woodworking is in a neoclassical style, in a rich cherry finish with dramatic black accents.
(Manual finishing produces an 8 to 30 microinch finish with no consistency.)
1995: First podium finish with third place in Canada.