finish off

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finish off

1. To finish the last part of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "finish" and "off." Here, take the last piece and finish off the pie. Printing is the last step in finishing off this project, thank goodness.
2. To end something in a particular way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "finish" and "off." They finished off the reception with one last slow dance.
3. To kill someone or something that is wounded and near death. A noun or pronoun can be used between "finish" and "off." You need to finish off the deer you've shot—don't let it suffer.
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finish (someone or an animal) off

to kill someone or an animal that is already injured or wounded. They had to finish the wounded bear off with a revolver. The hunter finished off the bear.
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finish (something) off (with something)

to bring something to a conclusion with something. She finished the dinner off with fancy cheeses and fruit. She finished off the dinner with pie.
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finish someone or something off

Fig. to complete some activity being performed on someone or something. Let's finish this one off and go home. Yes, let's finish off this one. Nancy is cutting Elaine's hair. When she finishes her off, she will be ready to leave.
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finish something off

Fig. to eat or drink up all of something; to eat or drink up the last portion of something. Let's finish the turkey off. You finish off the turkey. I've had enough.
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finish off

1. To complete the last part of a task or process: The staff finished off the final items on the agenda and ended the meeting. The crew finished the cleaning tasks off before leaving for the day.
2. To consume the last part of something, such as food or a resource: I finished off that last piece of bread. We finished the cake off.
3. To finish something in a particular way: We finished off the hot day with one final swim. The teacher finished the semester off with a big party.
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And sorry, Martha Stewart, but loin medallions from Brocket deer topped the list after we watched the guides finish one off with their flashing facon' knives before the gunsmoke even settled.
According to Westwood, he will not give in to self-pity and backed himself to be strong enough to want to keep putting himself in this position or risk never getting the chance to finish one off.
"Whenever you get a lead you want to take advantage of it so it was nice to finish one off this week."
The 24-year-old posted a 66 to finish one off the lead on six under.
The Peterculter pro shot a two-under 69 in the pounds 175,000 Scottish Challenge at Cardrona to finish one off the pace on 136.
"If we finish one off bottom it is more successful than last year - you could look at it like that.
Houston shot 65 in the first round of the qualifier at Sunningdale but slipped to a 72 in the second to finish one off the pace.
In an event that employs the seldom-used modified Stableford scoring system, Beem gained 19 points to finish one off the tournament's single-round record but then had to wait nervously as Lowery powered home.
Neighborhood trout seemed pretty anxious to chase after mice, but somewhat clumsy in actually taking them, as if prompted by a powerful atavistic instinct that is so atavistic they've forgotten how to finish one off.
Villa have since failed to score from almost 350 corners in the league, although Richard Dunne did finish one off in the FA Cup defeat at Arsenal in January.
Liverpool's Nick Dougherty also crashed out after two rounds as he could only add a 71 to his opening 77 to finish one off the cut mark.
The 52-year-old Scot won the London Seniors Masters last week - his third triumph on that Tour this season - and maintained his great form yesterday to finish one off the lead as most players struggled in the windy conditions at the home of golf.
"But I believe I am always going to get a chance in a game and, more often than not, I think I will finish one off.
The Musselburgh pro fired a four-under 68 to finish one off the pace on 137 at the halfway stage of the Northern Open at Newmachar.