finer than frog hair

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finer than frog('s) hair (split four ways)

colloquial Very good or excellent. Primarily heard in US. Wow, that dress is finer than frog's hair—you look gorgeous! A: "How you feelin' these days, Al?" B: "Finer than frog hair split four ways, Jake!"
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finer than frog('s) hair (split three/four ways)

colloquial Primarily heard in US.
1. Supremely excellent in character, quality, or ability. I tell you what, this wedding is finer than frog's hair split three ways, don't you think?
2. Exceptionally well. A: "How are you, Sandy?" B: "Finer than frog hair, thanks for asking!"
3. Completely satisfactory or agreeable. A: "I'm telling you, the color your picked is fine." B: "Are you sure?" B: "Finer than frog hair split four ways."
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finer than frog hair

n. fine; good. (Pseudo folksy. Note the interpretation of fine.) This chair is just fine...finer than frog hair in fact.
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