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chew it finer

To put into simpler terms. The phrase likely originated with American cowboys. Can you chew it finer? I don't understand that convoluted explanation you just gave. I always make sure to chew it finer when I have to explain mathematical concepts to people not in the field.
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finer than frog hair

1. Very thin. "Finer than frog's hair" can also be used. I'm not a fan of fettucine—I like my pasta to be finer than frog hair.
2. Very good or excellent. Wow, that dress is finer than frog hair—you look gorgeous!
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the finer points of (something)

The more nuanced, specific, or complicated details or aspects of something. It's nice to be able to discuss the finer points of Victorian literature with someone who has studied the subject.
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the finer things (in life)

Things that are luxurious, self-indulgent, and, usually, expensive. Cassandra has always liked the finer things in life—champagne and caviar, spa trips, and private jets. A poor artist like you will never be able to woo her.
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the finer points of

the more complex or detailed aspects of.
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finer than frog hair

n. fine; good. (Pseudo folksy. Note the interpretation of fine.) This chair is just fine...finer than frog hair in fact.
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From the GS values, it can be seen that the finer size of fly ash particles has the higher specific gravity.
The seven As encompass almost all the points listed in PICOT and FINER. Population corresponds to Availability/Accessibility; Intervention to Affordability; Comparison to Accuracy; Outcome to Advantageous; while time is included in Availability, Accessibility and Affordability.
Dr Finer previously worked as senior VP of Development and Operations for Novocell (now Viacyte); CEO of Intracel Holdings and Genteric; VP of Research and Development for the Gencell division of Aventis Pharma (now Sanofi); VP of Research for Cell Genesys as well as founder of retinal disease gene therapy company, Avalanche Biotechnologies.
"However," Orr said, "pulling in the finer actually is faster than inversion, and it is possible to accurately estimate the time it will take to place the finer in the pipe.
The main advantage of a finer grind is that the roaster will be able to optimize the surface area that has contact with the water.
At least that's what he told me the last time we met, and I have heard that story - especially the bit about the 'finer' things in life - from other reliable sources (ie Paul and Julian Flanagan).
The Senate Banking Committee has stated that the finer details of the housing finance reform bill measure would be resolved and completed this year.
TechSandBox is a science and technology incubator and innovation center that Barbara Finer, an engineer and tech entrepreneur, launched in April.
Residents said the dust falling on the town had become finer in recent weeks but was still leaving their homes, cars and even pets and children covered in filth.
The Art of Walking: A Field Guide offers the first in-depth survey of walking and provides a blend of history, themes on footprints, lines and marches, and discussions of philosophy, practice and artistry involved in the finer art of walking.
London, United Kingdom, January 09, 2013 --( Red Flush Casino just got a classy new addition in the form of The Finer Reels of Life, January's new video slot now available to be played at Red Flush Casino.
Simple luxury often defines the finer things in life and that's just what Bare Minerals accomplishes with its new eye palette of the same name.
The new version, which will be marketed by Teijin Fibers as a finer version of its existing 700-nanometer Nanofront nanofiber, will expand the market for the company's versatile, high-performance nanofiber by meeting demands for even finer nanofibers in applications, such as high-performance air filters that trap especially fine dust particles while allowing increased air flow in compact, energy-efficient air conditioning systems.
I have read correspondence arguing about what wine may be tasted before which; yet one expert publicly confessed recently that much nonsense was talked about the finer points of the 'art'.