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chew it finer

To put into simpler terms. The phrase likely originated with American cowboys. Can you chew it finer? I don't understand that convoluted explanation you just gave. I always make sure to chew it finer when I have to explain mathematical concepts to people not in the field.
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the finer points of

the more complex or detailed aspects of.
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finer than frog hair

n. fine; good. (Pseudo folksy. Note the interpretation of fine.) This chair is just fine...finer than frog hair in fact.
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We have received a great response to our brand in Canada, and are very excited to be working with World Finer Foods to bring Canada's coolest fruit chip brand to the US.
With the finer inflated and brought to specified pressure, the fight train is pulled toward the blower truck to inspect the uncured finer.
Now when I say coarser versus a finer grind we're talking microns.
Finer spent years driving to events in the tech hubs of Boston and Cambridge, sometimes sitting in traffic for hours.
But he echoed Mary Kirkhouse's complaint that a finer dust was coming out of the plant.
8220;The Finer Reels of Life is arguably the first video slot for Casino La Vida exclusively themed around, well, the finer things in life, and the aspirational tone of this luxurious new game is sure to be a hit with many of our members,” commented Victoria Lamonte, promotions manager for Casino La Vida.
And that's because for years Finer has been a leading conceptual artist.
Teijin Fibers has already established the mass-production technology for even finer nanofiber, as small as 280 nanometers in diameter, which it aims to commercialize eventually.
Father Lex and son Alex Golden, along with Amy McKay, Alex's sister, purchased the Cantrell Road Package Store at 6700 Cantrell Road and will soon rename it Terry's Finer Wines.
Steinberg and Finer re-analyzed data that purported to show that women who reported having an abortion were at a higher risk of "several anxiety, mood and substance use disorders" than those who reported having no abortion.
Stratstone dealerships are holding the Mercedes-Benz Finer Things event on March 6 and 7.
ANGLESEY sea salt maker is shaking things up - by coming up with a new, finer flake sea salt said to be ideal for sprinkling on food.
There is, quite simply, no finer drink to be found in the four corners of the globe.
Chances are that the nucleating benefits of the grain refiner are never reaching the dip well, so there can be no assurance that the castings will have a finer grain structure.
A new study conducted by Lawrence Finer, research director at the Guttmacher Institute, claims that 95 percent of Americans have had premarital sex, and that this rate extends even to women born in the 1940s.