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Fiber characters: The fiber characters like staple length, staple fineness and staple strength were measured using high volume instrument (HVI-900, Uster technologies Ltd., Switzerland).
[6] reported how the grinding process in cement plant and cement fineness affects in mortar exclusive of the effect of aggregates.
According to ANOVA shown in Table 3, parameters affecting the Blaine fineness were explored having identified their levels of impact.
Broken filaments were taken from outer layer; filaments were degummed and their linear density was measured on vibroscope (fineness testing machine) with appropriate loads of 200 mg-400 mg for eri silk, while for mulberry silk the filament of 25 m length was taken on the outer layer during reeling.
The values of Fineness were taken into consideration as a key property of cement and its result on properties of concrete and some other physical properties of cement was examined.
The so-called "re-identification condition" has played an important role in the most prominent argument for nonconceptualism, the argument from fineness of grain.
Mikro Mak Mill's range from 11KW drive power up to 355KW and throughput rates vary considerably depending on the material being processed and the fineness required.
In this tandem arrangement the first filter with a filter fineness of 200 [micro]m provides for the removal of coarse impurities, whilst the second filter with a filter fineness of 40 [micro]m undertakes the fine filtration.
The optimal grain fineness number (GFN) in a sand system is determined by the type of metal poured, pouring temperatures, casting product mix (heavy vs.
The objective of this study is to identify the surface characteristics of oil shale particles and possible changes occurring in these characteristics due to grinding and with respect to fineness. The role of particle surface changes in a possible beneficiation process was also studied through flotation tests in which the separation of the inorganic and organic portions was attempted.
It has a platy and unique microcrystalline structure, providing a higher surface area at the same fineness as macrocrystalline talc commonly found on the market, according to the literature.