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as well as 29 brokers and supervisors have been fined $725,000 and will repay more than $1.
Fined pounds 175 with pounds 45 costs, pounds 30 back duty.
Villa, was fined $25,000, suspended for 20 business days in all capacities, and censured.
Lee Anthony Hayward, 25, of Marlborough Road, Stockton, fined PS200 and ordered to pay PS105 costs for speeding.
Fined PS110 with PS85 costs, PS20 victim surcharge and PS150 criminal courts charge.
Lynette Brown, 47, of Camellia Court, Fairwater, Cardiff, was fined pounds 150 with pounds 60 costs and a pounds 15 victim surcharge.
20, of Sunny Bank Road, Sutton Coldfield, fined pounds 211; Jack Joyce, 20, of Bickley Avenue, Sutton Coldfield, fined pounds 182; Lee Blundell, 29, of Chipperfield Road, Hodge Hill, fined pounds 224; Daniella Muscas, 27.
Players are fined after their second diving violation and suspended for one game after their fourth violation.
The apartment building owner can be fined for failure to post signs, provide containers or failure to provide the place for containers.
Fined PS20 with PS20 victim surcharge and banned from driving for six months.
AMONG the cases dealt with by Teesside Magistrates' Court on January 26 were: Christopher Brierley, 25, of Alnmouth Drive, Redcar, fined PS400 and ordered to pay PS125 costs for speeding.
LANCASTER - More than 140 people will get fined $250 after they skipped a hearing asking them why they haven't answered summons to jury duty.
AMONG the cases dealt with by Teesside Magistrates' Court on August 11 were: Jackie Edge, 45, of Zetland Road, Stockton, fined PS110 and ordered to pay PS105 costs for using a vehicle without insurance.
THE following have been fined for using a television without a current licence: Joel Carter (21), Headfield View, Dewsbury.
Acocks Green Johnny Keane, 20, of Tavistock Road, fined pounds 203' Sonia White, 22, of Sycamore Way, pounds 201.