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fine-tune something

1. Lit. to make delicate adjustments in some mechanical or electronic device. It took a while to fine-tune the flute, but it was worth it.
2. Fig. to make small alterations in a plan or procedure. We need to spend some time fine-tuning the scheme, then we will seek approval.
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Shotwell therefore proposes an "entomologic principle," which states that the laws of physics were fine-tuned to produce insects.
Knicks warm up and train is like watching a fine-tuned race car travel through the track.
Thereby, he concludes, "The quantity c cannot be fine-tuned.
Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and fine-tuned by engineers, the new Shure E500PTH offers unparalleled acoustic accuracy.
AppSense has integrated its Environment Manager software with Access Gateway Advanced Edition, embracing and extending the Citrix[R] SmartAccess capabilities by enabling a fine-tuned, tailored environment to be delivered to the end user, including locking down features within published applications.
So he and Van der Leun fine-tuned data on UV's skin carcinogenicity -- its action spectrum -- in this mouse to account for the longer path UV rays must traverse through human skin.
In addition to more than 200 designs based on the Latin-1 character set and standard TrueType([R]) and OpenType([R]) font formats, the ESQ Mobile collection now includes a Simplified Chinese font fine-tuned with Monotype Imaging's SmartHint[TM] technology.
Going beyond treating the whole tumor, scientists are looking for fine-tuned drugs that attack the inner workings of cancer cells.
By integrating Mercado tightly with our analytics and ERP systems, we can monitor in real time our web site's merchandising performance - ensuring that our system promotes the products that convert better, and that search results are automatically fine-tuned based on business factors such as seasonal specials, profit margins and owned inventory.
Its fine-tuned profitability mechanism is self-sustaining and is more broadly applicable to other IC vendors than commonly perceived.
This fine-tuned corporate mechanism maximizes Linear's strengths and minimizes its weaknesses and risks.
We're taking the best of our franchises and customizing them for the PSP -- the gameplay, graphics and sound are being fine-tuned specifically with the on-the-go gamer in mind.
In addition, the company's network technicians have tested and fine-tuned switches and call-routing on its statewide network for optimum handling of increased call volume from these areas.
In the past 12 years, we have fine-tuned a unique approach that combines a fixed-price/fixed-time model and an unparalleled passion for driving business improvement through technology.