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fine-tune something

1. Lit. to make delicate adjustments in some mechanical or electronic device. It took a while to fine-tune the flute, but it was worth it.
2. Fig. to make small alterations in a plan or procedure. We need to spend some time fine-tuning the scheme, then we will seek approval.
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All Robtaille, Cantel's regional sales manager, suggests that the service may be extended to the Sault next summer, but the company must first fine-tune the service connection it recently made between Sudbury and Barrie.
The new mount enables integrators to address a cross section of installation scenarios with features including fine-tune controls, a quick installation disk, adjustable mounting legs, leveling barrels, a Quick-Set base and Lock-It[TM] security hardware.
FORD is in the process of putting a fleet of around 60 pre-production Focus ST prototypes through a punishing regime of testing and development to fine-tune the car's driving dynamics and performance.
The most common computer complaint revolves around systems which do not perform to optimal standards: from processors to memory, video adapters, and other hardware, PC HARDWARE TUNING & ACCELERATION surveys the systems and what might be done to fine-tune their interworkings for best performance levels.
Cushman & Wakefield has already appointed communications contacts in New York and London to fine-tune the referral process between the European and American brokers.
To minimize the search cost and to ensure a successful search, inexperienced users, even if they know a particular database's format, should conduct preliminary research to fine-tune search queries as precisely as possible.
During this live webinar, Danielle Savin, a leading industry consultant and former ecommerce executive at Playboy Enterprises and Frederick's of Hollywood, will review areas where retailers can fine-tune, adapt and optimize programs to overcome the challenges of a down economy.
PLANNERS have allowed a major supermarket chain more time to fine-tune its plans before construction work starts.
This skill has brought her to the California Institute of the Arts speech department and allowed her to work with children and help Hollywood actors fine-tune their roles.
As Southern California's newest theme park marks its first birthday today, Disney is optimistic that as America recovers, the company's effort to fine-tune the park with kid-friendly attractions and more of Disney's classic pixie dust sprinkled about will lead to improved attendance this year.
They need to fine-tune the excitation wavelength and perhaps tweak the com- position of the glass to get the greatest efficiency for each color, Macfar- lane says.
Minneapolis-based Best Buy is hunkering down to fine-tune its marketing strategy.
In other words, for large arrays, there is apparently no need to fine-tune the noise intensity to an optimal level in order to detect a particular weak signal.
Advanced Statistical Controls which allow marketers to predict and fine-tune the time required to run a test based on their tolerance for false positives and false negatives.