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fine-tune something

1. Lit. to make delicate adjustments in some mechanical or electronic device. It took a while to fine-tune the flute, but it was worth it.
2. Fig. to make small alterations in a plan or procedure. We need to spend some time fine-tuning the scheme, then we will seek approval.
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Rather than cutting programs, identify areas to fine-tune to obtain the same or better results for less money.
This skill has brought her to the California Institute of the Arts speech department and allowed her to work with children and help Hollywood actors fine-tune their roles.
They need to fine-tune the excitation wavelength and perhaps tweak the com- position of the glass to get the greatest efficiency for each color, Macfar- lane says.
As Southern California's newest theme park marks its first birthday today, Disney is optimistic that as America recovers, the company's effort to fine-tune the park with kid-friendly attractions and more of Disney's classic pixie dust sprinkled about will lead to improved attendance this year.
Moreover, cnidarians appear unique among animals for their use of a primitive sense of smell to fine-tune their hearing organs to a few key frequencies.
Advanced Statistical Controls which allow marketers to predict and fine-tune the time required to run a test based on their tolerance for false positives and false negatives.
Minneapolis-based Best Buy is hunkering down to fine-tune its marketing strategy.
The company will use the funds to grow its business, hire new people and continue to fine-tune its platform.
ICCM Canada offers educational content and networking experiences to help professionals fine-tune their skills, assess new technologies and explore strategies to improve performance and maximize customer value, and build a professional network they can rely on for guidance and support.
With decades of direct experience in practice management and claim processing, I'm confident that we can help any practice fine-tune their process to optimize results.
In addition, SilverBack can be used to monitor virtualization implementations on an ongoing basis to fine-tune and maximize overall systems performance and data integrity.
Under the Supply Chain Tune-up Program, Manugistics will work with companies to identify opportunities to fine-tune and improve operations by analyzing the client's overall supply chain solutions from forecasting and replenishment to transportation and technology.
The program, when fully implemented, will improve the design of the daily energy markets the ISO uses to fine-tune the flow of electricity.
The TScale Advanced console can now be integrated with Citrix Presentation Server, enabling an administrator to fine-tune the performance parameters of Presentation Server by delivering additional performance tuning and reporting functionality.