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I analyzed the phenomenon of aphorisms and epigrams, both serious and whimsical, and coined some of my own: "There's nothing worse than unrequited love--except a margin call." "Stagger your deadlines, or they'll stagger you." "Those who worship sacred cows may be dead meat." "Open a can of worms and you'll wind up in a fine kettle of fish."
All of which is just icing on the cake, really, because voters cannot have their cake and eat it, too, not with the quality of the candidates, a useless party system, and the electoral maze contributing to a fine kettle of fish - I know, I know, fish doesn't go with cake.
That's a fine kettle of fish! He caused immeasurable destruction in the city.
Medical history is a fine kettle of fish. But biochemical history is a completely different dish, and one not easily digestible by the average consumer.
And moving away from biblical judgments, he fashioned for the good angels to remedy not so much a theological crisis as a "fine kettle of fish."
So what are you going to do about that fine kettle of fish, Tony Blair?
Oral testimonies from a variety of sources on all sides of the arguments make Ross's section on maintaining LOOT's sexual orthodoxy very interesting and accessible, and she makes good use of them to show that the feminist movement was sometimes "a fine kettle of fish." (1)
Imagine what a fine kettle of fish they'd be cooking for us to feast on or get indigestion from if they came out at the same time to no one's 100 percent satisfaction!
Open a can of worms and you may wind up in a fine kettle of fish.