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STAMMER SCHOOL: MUSHARAF FINDS HIS VOICE (9pm C4) THE people we see arriving for an intensive four-day course to cure stammering can barely give their own names to the woman at the reception desk.
He finds his voice, makes peace with many demons, and his successful career as a writer says the rest.
Kuhn finds his voice in the descriptive sections of CM, dense and suggestive passages in which he closely examines and interprets the compositions of works by Michelangelo and Raphael, among others.
The singer, real name Marshall Mathers, will play a troubled teenager from Detroit who finds his voice in hip-hop, a life story like his own.
The love of Agatha and the friendship of Mickey helps change Tony, who finds his voice and a passion for writing, until the traumas of the past confront him in adulthood, forcing him to retreat within himself and reconcile his past.