find (one's) tongue

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find (one's) tongue

To regain the ability to speak, especially after feeling frightened or nervous, or not knowing what to say. It took him a minute, but Pete found his tongue again after we startled him at his surprise party. The little boy, who had been huddled nervously at the back, found his tongue and told the detectives what happened.
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find one's tongue

Fig. to be able to talk; to figure out what to say. Tom was speechless for a moment. Then he found his tongue. Ann was unable to find her tongue. She sat there in silence.
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find your tongue

If you find your tongue, you begin to talk, when you have been too shy, frightened, shocked or embarrassed to say anything before. All four men stared at him. It was Livingstone who found his tongue first.
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find your ˈvoice/ˈtongue

(informal) finally be able to speak after being too nervous or shy to do so: He sat silent through the first half of the meeting before he found his tongue.
See also: find, tongue, voice
References in classic literature ?
Sit down, Bob," she said presently, and he sat down in silence, finding his tongue unmanageable in quite a new fashion, refusing to say what he wanted it to say.
I shall not,' replied the boy, finding his tongue at last; 'I shall not stand to be laughed at.
King talks about finding his tongue tied as he tried to explain to his six-year-old daughter that she couldnt go to Funtown because it was closed to colored children.