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find (one's) (own) level

To reach one's level of proficiency, comfort, or competency in a particular area. I'm so impressed with the interns—they've really found their level now. It takes time to find your own level as a teacher, but you'll get there—we all do.
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find (one's) feet

To reach a level of comfort in a new situation. It took a while, but I've finally found my feet in my job. I know you're nervous, but all freshmen are—you'll find your feet at school, don't worry.
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find (one's) voice

1. To find one's distinctive style or vision of artistic expression. I think this is your best story yet, Betsy—you've really found your voice as a writer. It takes time to find your voice, but I'm confident you'll get there by the end of our photography class.
2. To regain the ability to speak, especially after something frightening or startling has happened. It took him a minute, but Pete found his voice again after we startled him at his surprise party.
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find out how the land lies

To find out about or come to understand a particular state of affairs or the way a situation exists or has developed, especially before taking any decisive or definitive action. Given the turbulent nature of this market, I think it would be prudent for us to find out how the land lies before we agree to invest in your company. I'm just finding out how the land lies between my parents before I make any solid plans to come visit them.
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find the time

To devote time in one's busy schedule to do something. When am I supposed to find the time to make cupcakes for the school bake sale? I have two important meetings today at work! I try to find the time to meditate every day.
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find (one's) tongue

To regain the ability to speak, especially after feeling frightened or nervous, or not knowing what to say. It took him a minute, but Pete found his tongue again after we startled him at his surprise party. The little boy, who had been huddled nervously at the back, found his tongue and told the detectives what happened.
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In the 1997 NCTAF report Doing What Matters Most, Darling-Hammond describes the findings of a study (Ferguson 1991) that examined various characteristics of teachers and their relationships to student achievement.
The court further stated: "The State urges us to adopt a per se rule that if the magistrate determines that a person is a drug dealer, then a finding of probable cause to search that person's residence automatically follows.
Finding #2: Racism plays a very small role in white opposition to affirmative action.
This line of reasoning -- supporting a finding of nexus to ensure that some jurisdiction gets tax revenues -- is obviously suspect.
Stanford scientists say the findings are a significant step toward using insights from cancer stem cell research to develop better tools for diagnosing and treating the disease.
NHGRI researchers are continuing their analyses to determine which genome comparisons are most effective at finding conserved sequences, and how many comparisons are necessary to find the largest possible number of MCSs.
This finding also indicates that the presence of a chronic inflammatory infiltrate is a normal characteristic of the nasal mucosa, as has been reported earlier.
A lot of people were very skeptical when I first started finding these results," says Ullian.
4] This article briefly summarizes several key findings from that study and presents seven cases in which the juveniles murdered their sexual assault victims.
MSN also gives step-by-step guides to determining the amount of insurance you need, finding an online bank, filing for a tax extension, avoiding an audit, saving money on cars and travel, finding online deals, as well as saving and paying for college.
For example, no finding would be reported in the schedule if the total dollar amount of both known and likely questioned costs was $20,000, if $6,000 related to allowable costs/cost principles, $6,000 related to eligibility and $8,000 related to cash management.
The inconsistency of discriminant validity findings may be due to the fact that the ASES assesses assertiveness responses in terms of frequency of response instead of verbal content of the situation (Hollandsworth, Galassi & Gay, 1977).
com's easy-to-remember Website uses breakthrough topification technology to help people stop searching and start FINDing.
BoomerangIt Japan understands the local marketplace, and is finding the marketing synergies between that culture and the peace of mind and accountability one gets by keeping track of personal property through BoomerangIt.
This produced a list of the closest sites, which are assigned two ratings: one for the complexity in finding the cache and the other for the difficulty of the terrain where it's located.