find way

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find (one's)/its way

To arrive at a particular place or situation unintentionally or in a roundabout way. I found my way into counseling after the grief became too much to bear.
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find one's way (around)

Fig. to be able to move about an area satifactorily without getting lost. I can go downtown by myself. I can find my way around. I know the area well enough to find my way.
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find one's way (somewhere)

[for someone] to discover the route to a place. Mr. Smith found his way to the museum. Can you find your way home?
See also: find, way
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How might understanding how different dog breeds relate through their DNA help scientists find ways to improve canine health?
Should the call to halt and find ways of continuing in our present communion not be heeded, then we shall have to begin to learn to walk apart.
They have taught social studies and geometry and still managed to find ways to hold the fleeting attention span of students in a classroom.
We challenge all churches, parishes, congregations, and people of good will to find ways and means to expose and eradicate anti-Semitism within and from Canadian society.
But he had to find ways to do this so that unpredictable eruptions of homophobia might not harm these causes.
SINCE asylum became a key issue, huge pressure has been put on Home Secretary David Blunkett to find ways to curb it.
The Arts Caucus is a group of more than 170 members of Congress who find ways for the federal government to promote the arts and help artists throughout the country.
But if you find ways to demonstrate how the reader can use the information, you will be more successful.
Much of the career intervention with Sue would focus on helping her to find ways to maintain her integrity while also managing the current realities of the divorce mediation field.
The Ministry of Community Children's and Family Services has appointed Lucille Laroche to find ways for agencies to operate more efficiently and effectively.
He also noted that they have been meeting with prominent engineers, architects and other industry leaders to help find ways to make the process more attractive to the best and the brightest of the building community.
Renewal areas are 10-year commitments to find ways to improve local communities.
In many ways, Cooper and her group exemplify what author Joseph Badaracco identifies as quiet leaders: People who find ways to do what is right "for their organizations, for the people around them, and for themselves--inconspicuously and without casualties.
Facilities that are committed to this principle find ways for each person to contribute.