find way

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find one's way (around)

Fig. to be able to move about an area satifactorily without getting lost. I can go downtown by myself. I can find my way around. I know the area well enough to find my way.
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find one's way (somewhere)

[for someone] to discover the route to a place. Mr. Smith found his way to the museum. Can you find your way home?
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By pinpointing these mutant genes, scientists will be better able to find ways to help dogs beat the diseases.
As Myernick tells it, sometimes you have to find ways to take your mind off your pain--"that tendonitis that all the girls have in the same ankle from running in a 'Snow' circle for 40 shows in a row.
We believe this presents a critical need to find ways of attracting more of the best and brightest young people to our field and providing continued support to trainees during times of transition.
Perhaps these were staged, I have no way of knowing, but certainly they show all involved actively trying to find ways to do things better.
Then they find ways to standardize the work, eliminate hand-offs, reduce the opportunity for error, and eliminate waste (which includes waiting time, doing things before they need to be done, unnecessary inventory and many other kinds of process waste).
Although he tries to find ways to throw them back together, at 13 he is too young to understand that some things cannot be fixed.
Therefore, it is more important to find ways to help developing countries clean tip their act than to force every bit of clean air out of North American industries.
This is achieved through profiles of scientists, engineers, and academicians who find ways to avert danger through a variety of techniques.
The commission was created by Archbishop Rowan Williams to find ways of maintaining "the highest degree of communion possible" in the Anglican Communion, which is composed of 38 self-governing provinces in 164 countries.
He has stated a willingness to find ways to use all recycled materials, including recycled concrete as roadbase, and has shown an openness to listen to new ideas and to find ways to properly use recycled products in roadwork.
Hutslar shows how to find ways to understand and benefit from those difficulties.
But why not err on the side of caution and seek to find ways to terminate pregnancies in the most humane ways possible for both the woman and the fetus?
We have to find ways to make sure they come in with realistic expectations of what they can find.
Part Four, Charting a Common Course, challenges our society and public land managers to find ways to respect tribal needs while honoring those of established religions by managing sacred sites for "mutual accommodation of intercultural differences.
They have taught social studies and geometry and still managed to find ways to hold the fleeting attention span of students in a classroom.