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To use a colloquial phrase I consider the location not one in which to find oneself `caught short'.
In each book, he tells what really happens in war and what it is like to find oneself a small pawn in an overwhelmingly chaotic, yet extremely important, situation.
In a short novel like The Loony, it is surprising to find oneself so wrapped up, so perplexed, so involved.
To find oneself faced instead with a mum or dad whose mood has dropped and who is simply not coping as well as they had been previously, can doubly compound the problem for the child.
And yet the work--from the point of view of words and images--with its constant woof and warp of despairs and affirmations and joys of Arab life can be entered, as if beginning were everywhere, at any given point, and one can find oneself in its meanings and revealed truths, so much so, with its dynamism of chanceless chance and destined accident/incident so much a part of the texture of the poems, I was impelled to compare it to the Chinese Book of Changes, at which one threw one's senses instead of coins, because there is a thread of oracularity in the work that underlies the many strata of imagery in which the whole panorama of the Arab world is embedded.
His use of negations is to separate ourselves from everything that is not God, and thus to find oneself in mystical union with God, a union without distinction of self and God, which is another topic.
Depending upon the search engine used one can find oneself pixel-to-pixel with a paranoia-riddled dysfunctionate, extolling the virtues of Rest and Recreation at a Klan enclave in Idaho.
During this time, one may find oneself engaging in unusual behaviors such as compulsive bathing, eating, or drinking to regain emotional control.
In fact, it is entirely possible to find oneself agreeing and disagreeing simultaneously, perhaps because most of the discussions of individual works, especially those of the Bloomsbury authors, can practically stand by themselves, independent of the framework of the larger study.
The term "shukatsu" is an abbreviation in Japanese of "activities taken in order to find oneself a job".
The architecture can overpower the works in the show; one might find oneself longing for the more humdrum but less distracting white boxes of most contemporary galleries.
I know there are people out there who think it's faintly tragic to find oneself slightly starstruck by celebrity past puberty, but, you know what?
In the latter regard, the tips and tricks to which he treated viewers could conceivably have practical application, should one - heaven forbid - every find oneself in a life or death situation.
Were one to find oneself in a situation at some point in the future where things had improved to such an extent that there was now a similar difficulty with an A*, the sensible thing to do would be to repeat the medicine.
However, he suggested: "Were one to find oneself in a situation where there was similar difficulty with an A*, the sensible thing to do would be to repeat the medicine.