find in

find (one) in

To locate or discover one in a place that belongs to them, such as their home or office. I bet you'll find Susie in this weekend—she said she has to finish a big project for class on Monday.
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find someone in

to learn or discover that one is at home; to learn or discover that one is in one's office. I never expected to find you in at this time of night. Did you really expect to find me in on a Friday night?
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References in classic literature ?
It was some check upon their transport to find in this person an entire stranger, but they appealed to him, nevertheless, and besought him, in impassioned language, to restore them to their friends.
"How many anonymous bodies do we need to find in the orchards?" Autry asked.
She has refused, directing me, as Gill had, to the INS Web site where I could find INS detention standards on media visits.
The really depressing thing was that we made an active attempt to find INS supporters, people whom we believed from the outset would give us a defense of the INS.