find feet

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find (one's) feet

To reach a level of comfort in a new situation. It took a while, but I've finally found my feet in my job. I know you're nervous, but all freshmen are—you'll find your feet at school, don't worry.
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find one's feet

Fig. to become used to a new situation or experience. She was lonely when she first left home, but she is finding her feet now. It takes time to learn the office routine, but you will gradually find your feet.
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Starting to find feet after slow start to campaign.
But the underlying uncertainty meant too many simple passes failed to find feet.
It was a brighter start after the break, City showing more urgency a willingness to find feet.
I was just starting to find feet in the team, but these things happen and I just want to get back into things.
8 ASHLEY YOUNG: Took time to find feet after starting in central position before drifting wide.