find favor with

find favor with (one)

To receive one's approval and appreciation. If you can find favor with the new CEO, I doubt you'll be subject to those rumored layoffs.
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find favor with someone

to win the praise of someone. The maid found favor with the family and was given a large salary increase. Mary found favor with her employer because of her good ideas.
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While this stunning volume will have special appeal to naturalists and botanists, it will find favor with any reader who has a love of nature and appreciates fine printmaking.
One or both of these new double action Ruger .44 Magnums are sure to find favor with those who wander off the beaten path; or even those who simply like to spend a pleasant Saturday afternoon shooting.
Instead, the group is pushing for an eight-year extension which it hopes will find favor with the Democrat-controlled 110th Congress.
As a result, this company vehicle will most likely find favor with entrepreneurs who have investors behind them.
If new leads Ruthie Henshall and Simon Callow find favor with local crix, "Woman" will have the tuner spotlight virtually to itself in a current West End climate that has no big musicals skedded for the rest of the year.
"An efficient and cheaper source of power, the ethanol alternative will find favor with farmers for lowering their crop-dusting aircraft's operating costs," said Embraer Development and Industry executive vice president Satoshi Yakota.
With clean sound produced by Joe Harley and engineered by Neal Ward, this is a most impressive recording that should find favor with blues and jazz fans alike.-- KWN
He also said he had discussed the formula with Lee Thomas, and it did "not find favor with him' either.