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In fact, it's hard to find fault with a car that retails at just over seven grand and does nearly 70 miles a gallon.
Adults, too, will devour the latest Potter tome - some of them nit-picking critics who will find fault with plot or substance.
Ferrer is not one to be trusted with the mortgage, but it is hard to find fault with his efforts in Germany this week.
coffee companies, I find fault with much of the premise of Joshua Kurlantzick's article on the current crisis affecting the global coffee industry, "Coffee Snobs Unite," but I am particularly concerned about his use of quotes attributed to me.
The authors find fault with the Church when it says that "the recognition of the school as a Catholic school is always reserved to the competent ecclesiastical authority" (124).
IRON LADY: If the Duke of York is trying to find fault with his wife's game as they play golf on honeymoon, he'd be hard putt BON VOYAGE: The Prince of Wales kisses the duchess farewell aboard The Renown POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE: Queen Elizabeth with Princesses Elizabeth, centre, and Margaret at the Coronation of George VI I SAID .
In particular they find fault with the conclusion about higher death rates, because priests fall into a group--U.S, adult males--for whom the AIDS-related death rate is al, ready generally higher.
It is difficult to find fault with this well-crafted introduction.
One can disagree with some of the jury's decisions, but one cannot find fault with the jury, or the jury system, itself.
Some planetary scientists occasionally find fault with one of their most well-known colleagues for saying that a given scientific finding is "not inconsistent with" some provocative interpretation.
I spent quite a while trying to find fault with the 407 and the harder I looked the more apparent it became that this car is the complete package.
She might demand Cristal champagne , 12 bottles of fine apple juice and a box of bendy straws backstage at gigs, but it's hard to find fault with a woman who flashes her pants while crossing and uncrossing her legs in front of you .