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The vast majority, however, were simply the worn-out parts of the great merciless packing machine; they had toiled there, and kept up with the pace, some of them for ten or twenty years, until finally the time had come when they could not keep up with it any more.
Finally we had the satisfaction of seeing the vessel rise out of the mud and float slowly upstream with the tide.
Finally the entire expedition took refuge within the thatched huts--here, at least, they would be free from the arrows.
These finally resolved themselves into one, incessant, inexorable, which I could escape only through bodily fatigue, or through some absorbing interest that took me out of myself altogether and filled my morbid mind with the images of another's creation.
In that world of his, in the ideal world, to which the real world must finally conform itself, I dwelt among the shows of things, but under a Providence that governed all things to a good end, and where neither wealth nor birth could avail against virtue or right.
Finally the truth flashed upon him, and then, like a frightened deer, he wheeled and dashed back toward camp.
When Jones and Sullivan joined Mugambi he would have killed them in his anger, thinking them parties to the plot; but they finally succeeded in partially convincing him that they had known nothing of it.
He saw it turn toward the east and finally disappear around a headland on its way he knew not whither.
The outcome of it was that I finally lost my patience, and told him that from then on he would do what I thought best--that I proposed to assume command of the party, and that they might all consider themselves under my orders, as much so as though we were still aboard the Coldwater and in Pan-American waters.
Thirty-six, finally assured that we did not intend slaying him, was as keen to accompany us as was Victory.
Finally she looked up at me, her strong white teeth gleaming behind her smiling lips.
Finally, at the moment when she finds herself at the absolute limit of her powers, she slows to a trot, looks up to heaven and says, "Ich warte, ich warte" (I'm waiting, I'm waiting).
Finally, the primary international journals in psychology, guidance, and counseling were included.
Finally, the data and/or information must be presented in a way that is usable by the end users.
Those who've harbored any fondness for Cadillac have watched over the years as successive waves of General Motors executive proclaimed that they finally got it right -- they finally designed a car for people who aren't ready for the nursing home.