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Finable compliance may arrive in May 2018 but this is not a one-off deadline: regulators fundamentally need to see that companies are on a clearly defined and workable journey towards GDPR compliance--they are not going to radically fine any company that can demonstrate it has taken steps towards improving security.
Rob Waters: "Not indicating before a manoeuvre should be a finable offence."
Input: Component system S = <[gamma]([B.sub.1], ..., [B.sub.n]), Init), property [PHI] Output: true or false (1) [[PHI].sub.i] = true for each i = 1, ..., n, Re finable := true (2) for i [left arrow] 1 to n do (3) compute the component invariant [Q'.sub.i] based on [B.sub.i] (4) [[PHI].sub.i] := [[PHI].sub.i] [conjunction] [Q'.sub.i] (5) compute the corresponding abstraction [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] based on [B.sub.i] and [[PHI].
laws of Solon, every Athenian was finable who walked about the city
While this strategy may work in other contexts, the question of punishment for women who abort, however, is not so easily dismissed, in part, because it speaks to the definitional issue of "What is a fetus?" Treating abortion as a misdemeanor, felony, finable offense, etc.
It is up to the club now to decide if it is a finable offence."
And to be honest, if I were running for office, my first promise would be to get a law passed making it a finable offense for any candidate to request his opponent's tax forms, because all they are looking for is dirt.