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With gentle caresses and most tender words the loving Elves gathered about the child, and, with Rose-Leaf by her side, they led her through the palace, and along green, winding paths, till Eva saw what seemed a wall of flowers rising before her, while the air was filled with the most fragrant odors, and the low, sweet music as of singing blossoms.
Then Eva, looking through the drooping vines, beheld a garden filled with the loveliest flowers; fair as were all the blossoms she had seen in Fairy-Land, none were so beautiful as these.
Your city is filled with the fighting men of U-Thor, and those from Gathol and from Helium.
A-Kor, Jeddak of Manator!" The cries filled the room and there was no dissenting voice.
It also was shown that the amount of porosity could be changed, for example, from being filled completely with segregate without porosity to showing full delamination of the outer skin and the central core.
It was developed in Germany by Kannegiesser KMH in order to reuse heavily reinforced and filled scrap.
Then the simulation predicted a quiescent metal flow front as the casting bottom filled.
At the end of the filling, before the last parts were filled, there seemed to be a risk of cold laps forming at the top of the castings on the top row.
* B&F Plastics in Richmond, Ind., makes thick structural sheet out of highly filled polyolefins.
The cavity is already filled and packed, and the gates are frozen.
With the use of a filter in the HF and VF designs, the runners filled smoothly and without surface turbulence.
In the case of the two high-strength yellow brasses (C86300 and C86400), plates filtered with the fine SC filter could not be filled at 140F (60C) superheat.
Speed is very important in filling thin-wall parts because they need to fill fast to avoid freeze-off before the cavity is filled and packed.
"That center area filled early, and by the end of hold pressure, its wallstock was about 60% solidified," says Wilson.
X-ray analysis confirmed this solution, revealing no shrinkage occurred when the casting was filled and fed from the casting's axis of symmetry.