fill (one's) face

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fill (one's) face

slang To eat a lot of food, especially quickly and in a short period of time. I have to leave for my four-hour meeting in 15 minutes, and I don't want to be hungry later, so I need to fill my face real quick before I head out. Sorry, I'm not hungry for dinner—I really filled my face at the luncheon earlier.
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fill one's face

 and stuff one's face
Sl. to eat food fast; to stuff food into one's face. Everytime I see you, you are stuffing your face. No wonder you're overweight!
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fill one’s face

and stuff one’s face
tv. to eat food fast; to stuff food into one’s face. Slow down. Stop filling your face and talk to me. Everytime I see you, you are stuffing your face. No wonder you’re overweight!
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Emily was frantically trying to get critters out of the front part of her swimsuit after her final ever Bushtucker Trial - putting on the infamous Fill Your Face helmet.
Meanwhile, Emily tackled Fill Your Face, where she had to wear a big helmet which was filled with mealworms, crickets and cockroaches, for a maximum of five minutes.
But first I had to earn some grub, which meant having more than 1,000 cockroaches biting and crawling around my neck and in my ears as part of the Fill Your Face trial.
Saltburn Farmers' Market FILL your face - and your shopping basket at Saltburn Farmer's Market.
For more call 09050 700 436 Taurus April 21 - May 21 AN URGE to fill your face with chocolate or stuff your cushions with something softer.
But it's still possible to fill your face at a cheap-andcheerful, no-nonsense balti restaurant.
If it's normal for you to fill your face from dusk until dawn, drink calories all day and never experience mild hunger and its benefits it's definitely an experience with value.
They may have nicked the icing, but there is still plenty of cake to go round and at the 16-1 that remains available with Blue Square and Coral I suggest you fill your face!
Perhaps you fill your face with junk food or take a walk around the block.
Sure, it's more bang for your buck--but why spend more to fill your face? Eat 'til you're satisfied, not stuffed.
I do not mean winch yourself off the settee and sprint to the fridge and fill your face with the last remnants of the turkey, but instead slip into your new cerise pink leotard and leggings (ladies, you can please yourselves what you wear) and get ready to work out to your new fitness video which Santa so joyfully left in your stocking on Christmas morning.
Fill your face with a blueberry muffin without counting calories, with the 99 per cent fat-free version from the Canadian Muffin Company in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Kingston upon Thames,
A place, in short, to party and fill your face rather than wax lyrical over the cuisine.
The place was packed and whichever direction you turned there was generally a kid waiting to fill your face with water.