fill (one's) shoes

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fill (one's) shoes

To replace one in some role; to take over for one in some position. You do so much for the company that I don't see how anyone could fill your shoes.
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fill someone's shoes

Fig. to take the place of some other person and do that person's work satisfactorily. (As if you were wearing the other person's shoes.) I don't know how we'll be able to do without you. No one can fill your shoes. It'll be difficult to fill Jane's shoes. She did her job very well.
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fill someone's shoes

Assume someone's position or duties, especially in a satisfactory way. For example, It'll be hard to find someone to fill her shoes when she retires, or John expects his son to fill his shoes at the store. Also see in someone's shoes.
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fill someone's shoes (or boots)

take over someone's function or duties and fulfil them satisfactorily. informal
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fill somebody’s ˈboots/ˈshoes

do somebody’s job in a satisfactory way when they are not there: Mr Carter is retiring and we need a new director to fill his shoes.
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fill (someone's) shoes

To assume someone's position or duties.
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And while Manchester City have the resources to replace him on the field, finding someone to fill his shoes off it will be a different proposition altogether.
Tim Curry clowned around in Stephen King's 1990 TV miniseries, but New Line has cast a 22-year-old British actor to fill his shoes.
It's the end of an era for the longest-serving late-night host in history (his tenure on television has encompassed virtually my entire life) and the announcement of his leaving has brought, along with at least three of the four flaming horsemen of the apocalypse, the usual flurry of speculation as to just who might fill his shoes. Craig Ferguson, his fellow late night CBS host, might step up to fill the big job much the way Jimmy Fallon did at NBC; Conan O'Brien might want to return from exile on cable to sit at the desk of his former mentor.
Sadly Stephen Fry has moved on, but Richard Ayoade is not a bad choice to fill his shoes. He was the best thing about dreadful Ben Stiller comedy The Watch, and his directorial debut Submarine was one of the best British films of recent years.
Malkiewich, who has directed the agency for the past 18 years, said he wanted to inform legislators early that they need to find someone to fill his shoes. "I have loved working with the fantastic people here and after 18 years it's time for a change," he said.
Hatton was a folk hero in Britain for his all-action style and likeable persona and while Khan has yet to really fill his shoes in the hearts of the people, the former two-weight world champion has backed his young friend to exceed his own achievements.
Loutish people like Jonathan Ross and the unwholesome Russell Brand are unwelcome in broadcasting and his dismissal will allow more talented individuals to fill his shoes.
Efron was previously roped in to reprise Kevin Bacon's role but Chace Crawford later stepped in to fill his shoes as Ren McCormack after the former backed out.
The Dolphins have fallen on hard times since their Hall of Fame quarterback retired in 1999, and a succession of passers have failed to fill his shoes.
But the ex-Liverpool star telephoned Bruce this week to assure him he is not someone waiting to fill his shoes if he leaves St Andrews.
I do need to have a word in Al's shell-like though.He better not screw this up because there is a new kid on the block, younger and cheaper, waiting to fill his shoes. Her name is Lorne Spicer, a stalwart of BBC Daytime, and she hosts a show called Beat The Bailiff.
You don't have to be Einstein to know that he needs to find someone to fill his shoes in central defence.
Syd Lyall, 53, unemployed, Benwell: He has to have time to get into it so he won't fill his shoes straight away.
CHART star Daniel Bedingfield may have put his pop career on hold while he recovers from his car crash in New Zealand - but another member of the Bedders family is only too happy to fill his shoes.
In fact, Stern, the man credited for revitalizing and expanding the once-beleaguered NBA, says either Mills or Ussery would be qualified to someday fill his shoes. "[Terdema Ussery] has done it all at the team, league and corporate level," Stern points out.