fill face

fill (one's) face

slang To eat a lot of food, especially quickly and in a short period of time. I have to leave for my four-hour meeting in 15 minutes, and I don't want to be hungry later, so I need to fill my face real quick before I head out. Sorry, I'm not hungry for dinner—I really filled my face at the luncheon earlier.
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fill one's face

 and stuff one's face
Sl. to eat food fast; to stuff food into one's face. Everytime I see you, you are stuffing your face. No wonder you're overweight!
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* 17th Circuit, in Group 3, Bernard Bober, with 38.3 percent, and Mardi Levey, with 30.9 percent, fill face off in November, while Pedro Dijols, with 30.8 percent, was defeated; in Group 21, Merrilee Ehrlich, with 39.7 percent, and Paul Eichner, with 33.5 percent, made the runoff, while John Howes, with 26.8 percent, was defeated; and in Group 27, Steven Feren, with 42.6 percent, and Mark Rickard, with 30.3 percent, are on the November ballot, while Ed Sugar, with 27.1 percent, was defeated.
You can still wear a fill face of products but won't look all sweaty.