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file away

1. To remove something with the use of a file. A noun or pronoun can be used between "file" and "away." Is it safe to file away these calluses on my feet?
2. To put paperwork into a designated file and location. A noun or pronoun can be used between "file" and "away." My assistant must have already filed away the paperwork from that meeting—I don't see it here on my desk.
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file something (away)

to put something away, usually in a file folder or file cabinet. She filed the letter away for future reference. Please file away this report. You will need it some day.
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These are implemented by logon id and selectively allow each user to perform pre-defined sets of operations on specific fields or files. Application system security can be an effective way to prevent the modification of text-based contextual information.
The WWW is a graphically oriented network of "pages" that contain text, still and full-motion graphics, sound files, and links to other pages.
A sample data base employee file form is displayed on p.
government files. Applicants for research grants, for example, have a right not only to files on their peer reviews by outside scientists, but also to any diaries of phone coversations about those proposals or minutes of meetings at which their proposals were discussed, including the names of people present.
In the following description, I have mixed examples from the professional and the personal arenas of life into one set of files. You might want to have a separate set of Action Files--one at the office and the other at home--for each of these arenas.
"We're an FDA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulated life sciences company," says Masterson, "And given the large number of instrument files on our own storage systems, we have similar requirements to our customers for file discovery, classification and ILM."
Bernard Software Inc., a provider of security solutions that protect against data loss, system threats and Internet abuse, has announced the immediate availability of Open File Manager 9.1 with next-generation, disk-level technology for open file backup and support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) storage management framework.
According to the FTB, retain the initial rejection letter in your files in case it asks why you're not e-filing.
During the course of business, all documents and folders become part of files. Electronic files provide the functional and organizational framework for record creation.
While a LAN environment promotes concurrent work on same documents because of locks built into files, these locks cannot prevent two people in two different locations from modifying the same document.
The software uses byte-level differencing when transferring files. This means that only the modified portion of a file is transferred, not the entire file.
For example, tax software programs calculate and display returns with proprietary technology, and usually are able to convert themselves into the free Web-friendly Adobe Acrobat (files with a .pdf extension).
1.882-4(a)(2), which states, " [a] foreign corporation shall receive the benefit of the deductions and credits otherwise allowed to it with respect to the income tax, only if it timely files ...
As a result, taxpayers who complete Schedule M-3 and adequately disclose their financial and tax accounting reporting differences are no longer required to file Form 8886 and separately report significant book-tax differences.