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file away

1. To remove something with the use of a file. A noun or pronoun can be used between "file" and "away." Is it safe to file away these calluses on my feet?
2. To put paperwork into a designated file and location. A noun or pronoun can be used between "file" and "away." My assistant must have already filed away the paperwork from that meeting—I don't see it here on my desk.
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file something (away)

to put something away, usually in a file folder or file cabinet. She filed the letter away for future reference. Please file away this report. You will need it some day.

file something away (from something)

 and file something off ((of) something); file something off
to remove something from something else by filing. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The dentist filed the sharp point away from the tooth. The dentist filed away the sharp point from the tooth. The dentist filed the point off.
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file away

1. To rub against something with or as if with a file until it is smooth or gone: I filed the rough skin away with a pumice stone. The foot doctor filed away my bone spurs.
2. To file some document or other material into the appropriate place: The secretary filed the legal documents away. The receptionist filed away the important memos.
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Getting plates and films filed away correctly is the other half of the post-production equation.
I studied every hair toss, mentally filed away every cute comment ("Oh my gosh, I loved that movie, too.
Seven (26%) kept it filed away, five (18%) kept it in their pocket or purse, and four (13%) didn't know where it was.
While the Venetians fought on out of doomed courage, "a mass of Christian galley slaves, having filed away at their fetters in readiness, broke free at a signal from the leaders of their conspiracy," recounts Beeching.
However, for the last three months, as I have been formulating plans to start my own business, I have been taking it off his pile and reading your articles avidly, discovering a wealth of information that I have filed away for future use.
But because they do not profit directly from discoveries, almost all of which are filed away, they don't secure the sites.
Sullivan told how many of the scenes were drawn from real life experiences, which he had filed away to use during the long-running saga.
Accusations against police or death squad members are filed away in the attorney general's office with no serious investigations, said Maria Julia Hernandez, director of the San Salvador archdiocesan legal aid office.
"Our technology allows different views, diagrams and reports, to be synthesized from the data -- as opposed to 'dumb' drawings" that get filed away."
"If a well-formatted text version or an attractive HTML version of an e-newsletter can be easily printed, hole-punched and filed away, why isn't it worth the hundreds of dollars subscribers pay for a similar print-only news-letter?"
Usually after reading the featured stories or a few other topics, it's filed away and perhaps recycled.
The real reason young people have withdrawn from government is that government has developed a reputation as a place where the wheels spin endlessly and great ideas are filed away into a bottomless heap of paper.
The house is ordered, the cake tin's full, the garden damp and green, the poems and stories neatly filed away.
for "Methods for Displaying and Integrating Commercial Advertisements with Computer Software." If Software Advertising gets its way, everyone who displays a commercial or selfpromoting message on the screen will pay a royalty for using this PTOendorsed "technology." And this isn't one of those harmless patents that gets filed away and forgotten.
Baker, a psychologist retired from the University of Kentucky in Lexington, theorizes that experiences filed away in the mind may change when a person encounters new information.