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file away

1. To remove something with the use of a file. A noun or pronoun can be used between "file" and "away." Is it safe to file away these calluses on my feet?
2. To put paperwork into a designated file and location. A noun or pronoun can be used between "file" and "away." My assistant must have already filed away the paperwork from that meeting—I don't see it here on my desk.
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file something (away)

to put something away, usually in a file folder or file cabinet. She filed the letter away for future reference. Please file away this report. You will need it some day.
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Because Sarah and the kids have no income, Kisha can claim them as dependents and can file as a head of household, which puts her in a lower tax bracket than if she filed singly.
99-215(EGS) (D.D.C., amended complaint filed December 8, 2000).
Example: Instead of "Employee Handbook," "Using Company Cars," "Emergency Procedures," "Programming the Telephone," "Memos from Personnel, 1988," and so on, all such information can be filed in the "Employee Info" file.
CAP's overall objectives are to: (i) work with the taxpayer to achieve federal tax compliance; (ii) resolve all or most issues prior to the filing of a tax return; (iii) reach an acceptable level of assurance regarding the accuracy and correctness of filed tax returns; and (iv) eliminate or substantially reduce the need for a post-filing examination.
Income tax claims generally are dischargeable if the return was timely filed and the due date was more than three years before the petition date.
17, 2001 will be deemed to have filed such declarations on the original due date and will not be subject to penalties.
When filed via EDGAR, that traditional document has to be stripped of typeset codes and translated into an electronic format, you have to add appropriate tagging and identification numbers to the file, and then you have to transmit the document.
882(c)(2), which allows deductions only if a return is filed in the "manner" prescribed in subtitle F, does not imply a timely filing requirement.
(This is a per form requirement; only the forms where the corporation has more than 25 will be eligible for the paper option.) The IRS also noted that 20 other forms will be permitted to be filed in PDF format (see "Forms Permitted to Be Filed in PDF Format").
There will be a $50 penalty for every return filed on paper that could've been done electronically.
* Set the goal of having all computer-prepared returns filed electronically by 2002 and at least 80% of all returns filed electronically by 2007.
In the test model devised for the project, AutoRecords' results would be compared with the records that participants manually filed throughout the entire test period.
If the papers were, not filed, however, the city is only allowing owners to file an exclusion or produce proof of a previous filing by that date.
1.6081-3T does not change the rules for filing extensions for corporate income tax returns; rather, it expands the scope of formerly titled Form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Income Tax Return, from just corporate taxpayers, to partnerships, real estate mortgage investment conduits, certain trusts that previously filed Form 8736 (now made obsolete) and taxpayers that previously requested additional time to file certain excise, income, information and other returns by submitting Form 2758 (now made obsolete).
Listed below are the written submissions that Tax Executives Institute filed with government agencies and congressional committees during the period ended August 8, 2004.