file past

file past (someone or something)

[for a line or procession] to move past someone or something. The people filed past the coffin, looking sadly at the still figure inside. As they filed past, some wept openly.
See also: file, past
References in classic literature ?
said this man, so completely absorbed in contemplation that he stopped in the middle of his road, leaving the cortege to file past.
Members of the public will be allowed to file past the coffin, pay their respects and sign a book of condolence.
Zenani Dlamini was among the first of thousands of mourners who queued - many of them for hours - to file past her father's glasstopped coffin yesterday.
SAFELY GATHERED IN: Youngsters file past all the harvest festival produce at Crosland Moor Voluntary School in 1962.
PUPILS arriving to collect their GCSE results at Barry Comprehensive yesterday had to file past a film crew making Welsh language television series Gwaith/Cartref.
HOMAGE: Pople file past the relic in the Metropolitan cathedral.
Almost half of the surveyed companies self-insure, and 8 percent have moved to self-insurance within file past five years.
I will miss the formality of standing in the corridor head bowed as their Lordships file past into the upper chamber.
As many as 12,000 people waited to file past his closed coffin.
Peter's, mourners in the thousands filed by it, and some had to wait as long as twenty hours to file past the bier and say a brief prayer.
On the first day after the funeral Roselawn Cemetery in the hills above the east Belfast streets where Best grew up saw 15,000 file past the grave.
As tens of thousands file past John Paul's bier, the members of the College of Cardinals are scheduled to hold their first meeting on the arrangements of the pope's funeral and burial before they get ready to choose who will inherit his mantle.
More than 5,000 fans, many in tears, lined up for hours Thursday at the Los Angeles Convention Center to file past the casket of the soul music legend in a daylong public memorial.
Since Monday about 100,000 people visited the library in the Simi Valley to file past the coffin and pay their respects.
Moore has spent file past decade rescuing and preserving work by artists who passed away because of AIDS, and the book benefits from his broad taste in and intimacy with art that captured the bygone era of sex without consequences.