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filch (something)

To steal something. Relax, I just filched a little toy from the store—no one will ever know. Once Molly got arrested for shoplifting, that taught her to stop filching things.
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filch (something) from (someone or something)

To steal something from someone. Relax, I just filched a little toy from the store—no one will ever know. Hey, quit filching money from Mom—she's going to notice if all of her cash is suddenly gone!
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filch something (from someone)

Sl. to grab or steal something from someone. The young boy filched a candy bar from the store. Who filched my wallet from me?
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filch something (from someone/something)

tv. to grab or steal something from someone. Who filched my wallet from me?
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filch something

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(21) Cokes complains to Filcher that he has been followed about by children (L1r; 5.3.11) and there is also a stage direction reading "The boyes o'the F ay re follow him" (L1r; 5.3.11).
Congressional Democrats include those eager to cooperate with the President and also those who want to trounce the Filcher of Florida.
Q Have you ever worked with filcher? I need some info right away.
In forwarding an appeal to Pernambuco's Governor from the father of one pressed soldier, the police chief defended dragooning the youth by stating, "he had sent Claudino Maria de Encarnacao to serve in the army...because he did not have a legal exemption and was trouble maker and a filcher (larapio)."(30) This was common practice in provinces across Brazil, but not every accused transgressor sent to the army became a soldier.
Calling originality "that chimaera which is the curse of many aspiring poets," Ngangom admits in his preface to "suffering from an extreme poverty of experience" and becoming "an incurable filcher," culling ideas from his drinking buddies, while "the course of many of these poems" has been charted by the "innate musical sense" of a Professor Noorul Hasan.
Sharkwell: What, doe you not know the Author, fellow Filcher? you must take no money
1974 'Filcher of good names: an enquiry into anthropology and gossip'.
Filcher - John Filcher, 82, of Eugene, died May 30.
Fisher's writing here is uneven, sometimes clumsy, but there are good bits too, like the scenes in Victorian London where Jake teams up with an appealing street waif named Moll, who speaks a knockoff Dickensian dialect peppered with rozzers, cullies, peelers, doss pads, filchers and drabs." SOPHIE GEE
Gangs of "fish filchers" also occasionally go on rampages and, worse, "every now and then the island [is] invaded by the Bongobians, who in addition to being great drummers [are] also fierce plunderers." Given these threats, the islanders decide to form a government that settles disputes and provides for the common defense--and is strictly "limited in its ability to take away the freedoms that had brought the island its prosperity in the first place" (pp.
If we're to be overrun by light-fingered scavengers and filchers we need ones like this.