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filch (something)

To steal something. Relax, I just filched a little toy from the store—no one will ever know. Once Molly got arrested for shoplifting, that taught her to stop filching things.
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filch (something) from (someone or something)

To steal something from someone. Relax, I just filched a little toy from the store—no one will ever know. Hey, quit filching money from Mom—she's going to notice if all of her cash is suddenly gone!
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filch something (from someone)

Sl. to grab or steal something from someone. The young boy filched a candy bar from the store. Who filched my wallet from me?
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filch something (from someone/something)

tv. to grab or steal something from someone. Who filched my wallet from me?
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filch something

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will play out over a month-to-month basis for the foreseeable future," said Stacey McGovern, director at Filch Ratings.
But at nearly three hours, Peter Hunt's production plods, never evincing the verve and charm that viewers of the original 1954 Off Broadway production noted (the WTF cast includes a member of that cast, William Duell, reprising his roles as Filch and the Queen's messenger).
Bradley is a celebrated Shakespearean actor, who is best known for playing Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films and Walder Frey in the HBO series Game of Thrones and Abraham Setrakian in The Strain - not to mention many others and will be in the Christmas special of Doctor Who.
The carers inflated the cost of Mrs Hammond's care to "filch" the wealthy widow, of Cracoe, near Skipton, out of more than PS500,000.
But, then, MPs probably need plenty of spare time to spend the PS65,738 basic salary and hefty expenses that, like 21st century Fagins, they filch from the pockets of all us hard-grafting taxpayers.
David Bradley, known for his role as Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films, is set to play the iconic first Doctor William Hartnell.
The Confederates move into town, attempt to remove the free blacks to slavery, and filch whatever food, livestock and medical supplies they can find before the war breaks out in earnest.
There is even a treat for Harry Potter fans with an appearance by David Bradley, who plays caretaker Filch in the wizard films, as the father of a murder suspect.
I MALCOLM GLAZER was almost guaranteed the Man U shares he needed for the takeover when Alec Ferguson fell out with John Magnier over Rock Of Gibraltar and then proceeded to filch Liam Miller from Celtic.
You are a natural Filch.' I said 'Oh, thanks a bunch.'
Chesterton was being both insightful and prophetic when he said that contraception "is a name given to a succession of different expedients by which it is possible to filch the pleasure belonging to a natural process while violently and unnaturally thwarting the process itself." We have burned our cathedral to fry an egg, or drowned ourselves for a sip of water.
We also reported that Hart had tried unsuccessfully to filch a copy of the coalition's donor data base.
"When he asked if I would interested, I almost bit his hand off!" David is best known to children all over the world as Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies and also features in Harry Potter computer games.
But he is particularly wellknown for playing Hogwarts creepy caretaker Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films.
"He sees a chance to filch something and thinks it is a good idea."