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filch something (from someone)

Sl. to grab or steal something from someone. The young boy filched a candy bar from the store. Who filched my wallet from me?

filch something (from someone/something)

tv. to grab or steal something from someone. Who filched my wallet from me?
See also: filch, something

filch something

See also: filch, something
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I am already a hate figure for children everywhere, but I like to think Titus owes nothing to Argus Filch.
Actor David Bradley, well known for screen roles in Our Friends in the North and as caretaker Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films, is to play both husband and wife in On The Harmful Effects of Tobacco/Can Cause Death.
Among them was Harry Potter star David Bradley, who plays caretaker Argus Filch, who told of his sadness that the films are coming to an end - but how they have introduced him to a new generation of fans.
How hard should we spank MPs for fiddling their expenses to filch our money?
Un person fydd yn filch iawn o weld Brandon Monk yn priodi Julie o'r diwedd fydd yr actor sy'n chware Brandon, Nick McGaughey: "Dyw hi ddim wedi bod yn berthynas rwydd i Julie a Brandon, ond mae'r ddau'n haeddu 'chydig o hapusrwydd," esbonia'r actor sy'n wreiddiol o Dreforys ond bellach yn byw ym Mhontypridd.
When a stellar-size black hole or a much smaller, superdense neutron star filch material from a neighboring star, huge amounts of energy are released.
David is best known as the Hogwart's caretaker Filch in the Harry Potter movies and recently appeared in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger.
The vocabulary of ``Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,'' with words like Quidditch and Snape and Slytherin and Filch, sounds as if it could have been extracted from some long-lost verse of Lewis Carroll's ``Jabberwocky.
That strategy would not deprive wild birds of their offspring, because once scientists filch the eggs, mother birds simply lay another batch, the report notes.
The PC game will also feature an array of puzzle and adventure gameplay as players guide Harry through the halls of Hogwarts, sneaking around to avoid confrontations with nosey characters like Filch and Peeves.
David Bradley, who appears as Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch in the Potter movies, joined Hall Green MP Steve McCabe at Allens Croft Primary in Kings Heath to watch a performance of Romeo and Juliet.
Actor David Bradley - known to millions of Potter movie fans as janitor Argus Filch - delighted pupils at the secondary school, in Ash Green Lane, near Coventry, with his star appearance.
It seems it's easier to filch Poland's workforce than train our own.
We suspected that Stan (played by amiable Warwickshire actor David Bradley, who also plays Filch in Harry Potter) wasn't really dead, and now he's wreaking his revenge by playing mind games on Nita and convincing her she's going mad.
Surely there are better, and less divisive lines to filch.