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figure in(to) (something)

1. To incorporate or include someone or something in something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "figure" and "in." Before you accept this job offer, you need to figure the long commute in. Is the legal department coming too? Shoot, I didn't figure them into my count when I reserved the smaller conference room.
2. To add a number or amount to something. Wait, did you figure in the sales tax when you calculated the total?
3. To be a significant factor in a decision. Of course his many years of experience figured into our decision to hire him!
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figure someone or something in

(on something) to plan on having someone or something included in something. Please figure another ten people in on the picnic. I will figure in those people.
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figure someone or something in(to) (something)

 and figure someone or something in
to reckon someone or something into the total. I will figure the electric bill into the total. We can figure in one more person.
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figure in something

[for someone or something] to play a role in something. Tom figures in our plans for future office management. I don't wish to figure in your future.
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figure in

1. Include, add in. For example, Did you figure in the travel expense?
2. Play a part in, as in His speaking ability definitely figured in his being chosen for the lead, or Their reduced income figures in all their recent decisions.
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figure in

1. To be included or require inclusion in order to make a calculation or conclusion: The profit reports will figure in the final budget decision.
2. To include something in making a calculation or conclusion: They failed to figure in all of their travel expenses. Don't forget to figure these numbers in when you write your report.
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