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Now we know the truth about WMDs -they were figments of the Bush-Blair imagination.
Expensive and flamboyant architecture, fountains, decor, statues and so-called pieces of art are usually figments of committee claptrap.
And while their production lines may have been only pretend, their wealth and power mere figments of their imaginations, the lessons learned by the third- through sixth-graders couldn't be more real.
Interactive home education, on-demand entertainment programming and phone calls that allow you to see and hear the person you are talking to are not just figments of the future -- MCI is making them a reality," said Angela Dunlap, president of MCI Consumer Markets.
Biometric applications are no longer figments of science fiction, they are a reality.
A few of the cutouts have fallen off and the semenlike stain of the glue ghosts the shape of a body: These men are figments of the imagination but also the vestiges of the muscular frames that blossomed in '50s physical-culture magazines (a kind of protoporn) and returned with a steroid-fueled vengeance in the '80s, sublimation of the wasting body of AIDS.
A lot of (the hotels) are figments of people's imaginations,'' Reiling said.
After years of mysterious sightings, usually dismissed as being overweight family cats or figments of the imagination, an Edinburgh pathologist has said he is convinced that a goose, handed to him by Essex police for examination, had fallen prey to a bigcat.
Somewhere between Brancusi-esque bases without their better halves and supertechnological "appliances" for a race of freaks, these freckly figments seem neither purely aesthetic nor wholly functional: They linger somewhere uncomfortably in-between.
Although the roots of these figures go back to social-realist murals of Klansmen that Guston painted in the '30s, the hoods reborn in the late '60s seem less malevolent than quirky, even adorable, as figments of his own character.
The creatures are social constructs, figments of our collective imagination, usually ghostly figures taken from local folklore.
In the recent offering, Nietzsche was the hero, set upon by what may be figments of his own fantasy.